StandardEventLevel 枚举


定义事件日志服务中使用的标准事件级别。 级别定义事件的严重性。 自定义事件级别可以采用这些标准级别以外的级别来定义。 有关级别的更多信息,请参见 EventLevelFor more information about levels, see EventLevel.

public enum class StandardEventLevel
public enum StandardEventLevel
type StandardEventLevel = 
Public Enum StandardEventLevel


Critical 1

此级别与导致严重故障的错误相对应。This level corresponds to critical errors, which is a serious error that has caused a major failure.

Error 2

此级别与表示某个问题的一般错误相对应。This level corresponds to normal errors that signify a problem.

Informational 4

此级别与不是错误的信息性事件或消息相对应。This level corresponds to informational events or messages that are not errors. 这些事件可帮助跟踪应用程序的进度或状态。These events can help trace the progress or state of an application.

LogAlways 0

此值指示在事件发布期间未完成级别的筛选。This value indicates that not filtering on the level is done during the event publishing.

Verbose 5

此级别与冗长的事件或消息相对应。This level corresponds to lengthy events or messages.

Warning 3

此级别与警告事件相对应。This level corresponds to warning events. 例如,因磁盘容量快满而发布的事件为警告事件。For example, an event that gets published because a disk is nearing full capacity is a warning event.