EventManifestOptions 枚举


指定如何生成事件源的 ETW 清单。Specifies how the ETW manifest for the event source is generated.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class EventManifestOptions
public enum EventManifestOptions
type EventManifestOptions = 
Public Enum EventManifestOptions


AllCultures 2

在提供的每个附属程序集的本地化文件夹下生成资源节点。Generates a resources node under the localization folder for every satellite assembly provided.

AllowEventSourceOverride 8

替代以下默认行为,即当前 EventSource 必须是传递到写入方法的用户定义类型的基类。Overrides the default behavior that the current EventSource must be the base class of the user-defined type passed to the write method. 这会启用对 .NET 事件源的验证。This enables the validation of .NET event sources.

None 0

未指定任何选项。No options are specified.

OnlyIfNeededForRegistration 4

只有必须在主机上注册事件源时才生成清单。A manifest is generated only the event source must be registered on the host computer.

Strict 1

如果写入清单文件时出现任何不一致将导致引发异常。Causes an exception to be raised if any inconsistencies occur when writing the manifest file.


这些值的按位组合将确定如何为事件源写入清单。A bitwise combination of these values will determine how the manifest is written for the event source. 例如,可以指定是否生成资源文件以及清单验证的严格程度。For example you can specify whether resource files are generated and how strict the manifest validation is.