PrincipalContext.Container 属性


获取在构造函数的容器参数中指定的值。Gets the value specified in the container parameter in the constructor.

 property System::String ^ Container { System::String ^ get(); };
public string Container { get; }
member this.Container : string
Public ReadOnly Property Container As String


存储区上要用作上下文的根的容器, 或者null , 如果未指定容器, 则为。The container on the store to use as the root of the context or null if the container is not specified.


所有查询都在此根下执行,并且所有插入都在此容器中执行。All queries are performed under this root, and all inserts are performed into this container. 对于DomainApplicationDirectory上下文类型, 此属性是容器对象的可分辨名称。For Domain and ApplicationDirectory context types, this property is the distinguished name of a container object. 对于Machine上下文类型, 此属性必须为nullFor Machine context types, this property must be null.