ActiveDirectorySyntax 枚举


指定 ActiveDirectorySchemaProperty 对象的数据表示(语法)类型。Specifies the data representation (syntax) type of a ActiveDirectorySchemaProperty object.

public enum class ActiveDirectorySyntax
public enum ActiveDirectorySyntax
type ActiveDirectorySyntax = 
Public Enum ActiveDirectorySyntax


AccessPointDN 19

AccessPoint 对象类型。An AccessPoint object type.

Bool 8

布尔值类型。A Boolean value type.

CaseExactString 0

区分大小写的字符串类型。A case-sensitive string type.

CaseIgnoreString 1

不区分大小写的字符串类型。A case-insensitive string type.

DirectoryString 3

目录字符串规范。A directory string specification.

DN 12

目录服务对象的识别名。A distinguished name of a directory service object.

DNWithBinary 13

用于将识别名映射到不变 GUID 的 ADS_DN_WITH_BINARY 结构。An ADS_DN_WITH_BINARY structure used for mapping a distinguished name to a non-varying GUID. 有关详细信息,请参阅 ADS_DN_WITH_BINARY 一文。For more information, see the ADS_DN_WITH_BINARY article.

DNWithString 14

用于将识别名映射到不变字符串值的 ADS_DN_WITH_STRING 结构。An ADS_DN_WITH_STRING structure used for mapping a distinguished name to a non-varying string value. 有关详细信息,请参阅 ADS_DN_WITH_STRING 一文。For more information, see the ADS_DN_WITH_STRING article.

Enumeration 15

枚举值类型。An enumeration value type.

GeneralizedTime 10

以普通时间格式表示的时间。A time expressed in generalized time format.

IA5String 16

IA5 字符集字符串。An IA5 character set string.

Int 6

32 位整数值类型。A 32-bit integer value type.

Int64 7

64 位(大)整数值类型。A 64 bit (large) integer value type.

NumericString 2

表示为字符串的数值。A numeric value represented as a string.

OctetString 4

表示为字符串的字节数组。A byte array represented as a string.

Oid 9

OID 值类型。An OID value type.

ORName 20

OR-Name 对象类型。An OR-Name object type.

PresentationAddress 21

Presentation-Address 对象类型。A Presentation-Address object type.

PrintableString 17

可打印字符集字符串。A printable character set string.


Replica-Link 对象类型。A Replica-Link object type.

SecurityDescriptor 5

安全说明符值类型。A security descriptor value type.

Sid 18

SID 值类型。An SID value type.

UtcTime 11

以协调通用时间格式表示的时间。A time expressed in Coordinated Universal Time format.