ReplicationNeighbor.ReplicationNeighborOptions 枚举


指定某个 ReplicationNeighbor 对象的选项。Specifies the options for a ReplicationNeighbor object.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public: enum class ReplicationNeighbor::ReplicationNeighborOptions
public enum ReplicationNeighbor.ReplicationNeighborOptions
type ReplicationNeighbor.ReplicationNeighborOptions = 
Public Enum ReplicationNeighbor.ReplicationNeighborOptions


CompressChanges 268435456

从此源接收的更改被压缩。Changes that are received from this source are compressed. 通常仅当源服务器位于不同站点时,才设置此选项。This option is usually set only if the source server is in a different site.

DisableScheduledSync 134217728

将此选项设置为禁用基于其计划的同步。This option is set to disable synchronizations based on its schedule. 此邻居执行同步的唯一方式是响应更改通知或手动同步请求。The only way this neighbor will perform synchronizations is in response to a change notification or to a manual request for synchronizations.

FullSyncInProgress 65536

目标服务器正在执行与源服务器的完全同步。The destination server is performing a full synchronization from the source server. 完全同步不使用创建更新的向量 (DS_REPL_CURSORS) 来筛选更新。Full synchronizations do not use vectors that create updates (DS_REPL_CURSORS) for filtering updates. 完全同步不作为普通复制协议的一部分来使用。Full synchronizations are not used as a part of the normal replication protocol.

FullSyncNextPacket 131072

来自源的上一个数据包指示已经修改了某个尚未由目标服务器创建的对象。The last packet from the source indicated that an object that has not yet been created by the destination server has been modified. 请求的下一个数据包将指示源服务器将已修改对象的所有特性放入该数据包中。The next packet that is requested will instruct the source server to put all attributes of the modified object into the packet.

IgnoreChangeNotifications 67108864

将此选项设置为禁用基于通知的同步。This option is set to disable notification based synchronizations. 在某个站点内,域控制器在发生更改时根据通知彼此进行同步。Within a site, domain controllers synchronize with each other based on notifications when changes occur. 此设置可避免此邻居执行由通知触发的同步操作。This setting prevents this neighbor from performing syncs that are triggered by notifications. 此邻居仍将执行基于其计划或基于手动请求(如果有)的同步。The neighbor will still do synchronizations based on its schedule, or if requested manually.

NeverSynced 2097152

从此源进行的同步从未成功完成过。A synchronization has never been successfully completed from this source.

NoChangeNotifications 536870912

不应从此源接收任何更改通知。No change notifications should be received from this source. 通常仅当源服务器位于不同站点时,才设置此选项。This option is usually set only if the source server is in a different site.

PartialAttributeSet 1073741824

因部分特性集内发生更改,此邻居处于正在重新生成此副本内容的状态。This neighbor is in a state where it is rebuilding the contents of this replica because of a change in the partial attribute set.

Preempted 16777216

复制引擎已暂时停止处理此邻居,以便为此分区或其他分区的另一个优先级更高的邻居服务。The replication engine has temporarily stopped processing this neighbor in order to service another higher-priority neighbor, either for this partition or another partition. 完成较高优先级的工作后,复制引擎将继续处理此邻居。The replication engine will resume processing this neighbor after the higher-priority work is completed.

ReturnObjectParent 2048

此邻居正处于先返回父对象后返回子对象的状态。This neighbor is in a state where it returns parent objects before children objects. 如果此邻居先收到一个子对象后收到这个子对象的父对象,则进入此状态。It goes into this state after it receives a child object before its parent.

ScheduledSync 64

按计划执行复制。Perform replication on a schedule. 除非此命名上下文/源的计划为“从不”(即空计划),否则通常会设置此选项。This option is normally set unless the schedule for this naming context/source is "never", that is, the empty schedule.

SyncOnStartup 32

重新启动目标服务器时,尝试从此源复制此命名上下文。Replication of this naming context from this source is attempted when the destination server is restarted. 通常,此选项仅适用于站点内的邻居。This normally only applies to intra-site neighbors.

TwoWaySync 512

如果设置了此选项,则表示当入站复制完成时,目标服务器必须通知源服务器以相反的方向进行同步。If set, this option indicates that when inbound replication is complete, the destination server must tell the source server to synchronize in the reverse direction. 此功能在拨号方案中使用。在拨号方案中,只有两个服务器中的一个可以启动拨号连接。This feature is used in dial-up scenarios where only one of the two servers can initiate a dial-up connection. 例如,在公司总部和分公司中可以使用此选项,分公司通过拨号 ISP 连接经由 Internet 连接到公司总部。For example, this option would be used in a corporate headquarters and branch office, where the branch office connects to the corporate headquarters over the Internet by means of a dial-up ISP connection.

UseInterSiteTransport 128

通过站点间消息服务间接执行复制操作。Perform replication indirectly through the Inter-Site Messaging Service. 仅当通过 SMTP 进行复制时,才设置此标志。This flag is set only when replicating over SMTP. 通过站点间 RPC/IP 进行复制时,不设置此标志。This flag is not set when replicating over inter-site RPC/IP.

Writeable 16

命名上下文的本地副本是可写的。The local copy of the naming context is writable.