ActiveDirectoryRights ActiveDirectoryRights ActiveDirectoryRights ActiveDirectoryRights Enum


ActiveDirectoryRights 枚举指定分配给 Active Directory 域服务对象的访问权限。The ActiveDirectoryRights enumeration specifies the access rights that are assigned to an Active Directory Domain Services object.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class ActiveDirectoryRights
public enum ActiveDirectoryRights
type ActiveDirectoryRights = 
Public Enum ActiveDirectoryRights


AccessSystemSecurity AccessSystemSecurity AccessSystemSecurity AccessSystemSecurity 16777216

获取或设置对象安全说明符中的 SACL 的权限。The right to get or set the SACL in the object security descriptor.

CreateChild CreateChild CreateChild CreateChild 1

创建对象子级的权限。The right to create children of the object.

Delete Delete Delete Delete 65536

删除对象的权限。The right to delete the object.

DeleteChild DeleteChild DeleteChild DeleteChild 2

删除对象子级的权限。The right to delete children of the object.

DeleteTree DeleteTree DeleteTree DeleteTree 64

删除此对象所有子级的权限,而不管子级的权限。The right to delete all children of this object, regardless of the permissions of the children.

ExtendedRight ExtendedRight ExtendedRight ExtendedRight 256

一个自定义控制访问权限。A customized control access right. 有关可能的扩展权限的列表,请参阅 上 MSDN Library 中的主题“扩展权限”。For a list of possible extended rights, see the topic "Extended Rights" in the MSDN Library at 有关扩展权限的详细信息,请参阅 上 MSDN Library 中的主题“控制访问权限”。For more information about extended rights, see the topic "Control Access Rights" in the MSDN Library at

GenericAll GenericAll GenericAll GenericAll 983551

创建或删除子级、删除子树、读写属性、检查子级和对象自身、从目录中添加和移除对象以及用扩展权限进行读写的权限。The right to create or delete children, delete a subtree, read and write properties, examine children and the object itself, add and remove the object from the directory, and read or write with an extended right.

GenericExecute GenericExecute GenericExecute GenericExecute 131076

读取容器对象上的权限以及列出其内容的权限。The right to read permissions on, and list the contents of, a container object.

GenericRead GenericRead GenericRead GenericRead 131220

读取此对象上的权限、读取此对象上的全部属性、列出父容器时列出此对象名以及当对象为容器时列出其内容的权限。The right to read permissions on this object, read all the properties on this object, list this object name when the parent container is listed, and list the contents of this object if it is a container.

GenericWrite GenericWrite GenericWrite GenericWrite 131112

读取此对象上的权限、写入此对象上的全部属性以及执行此对象所有已验证写入的权限。The right to read permissions on this object, write all the properties on this object, and perform all validated writes to this object.

ListChildren ListChildren ListChildren ListChildren 4

列出此对象子级的权限。The right to list children of this object. 有关此权限的详细信息,请参阅 上 MSDN Library 中的主题“控制对象可见性”。For more information about this right, see the topic "Controlling Object Visibility" in the MSDN Library

ListObject ListObject ListObject ListObject 128

列出特定对象的权限。The right to list a particular object. 有关此权限的详细信息,请参阅 上 MSDN Library 中的主题“控制对象可见性”。For more information about this right, see the topic "Controlling Object Visibility" in the MSDN Library at

ReadControl ReadControl ReadControl ReadControl 131072

从对象的安全说明符读取数据的权限,不包括 SACL 中的数据。The right to read data from the security descriptor of the object, not including the data in the SACL.

ReadProperty ReadProperty ReadProperty ReadProperty 16

读取对象属性的权限。The right to read properties of the object.

Self Self Self Self 8

执行由已验证写访问权限控制的操作的权限。The right to perform an operation that is controlled by a validated write access right.

Synchronize Synchronize Synchronize Synchronize 1048576

将对象用于同步的权限。The right to use the object for synchronization. 此权限使线程可以在对象处于终止状态前一直处于等待状态。This right enables a thread to wait until that object is in the signaled state.

WriteDacl WriteDacl WriteDacl WriteDacl 262144

修改对象安全说明符中的 DACL 的权限。The right to modify the DACL in the object security descriptor.

WriteOwner WriteOwner WriteOwner WriteOwner 524288

取得对象所属权的权限。The right to assume ownership of the object. 用户必须为对象受信者。The user must be an object trustee. 用户不能向其他用户转让所属权。The user cannot transfer the ownership to other users.

WriteProperty WriteProperty WriteProperty WriteProperty 32

写入对象属性的权限。The right to write properties of the object.