DirectorySynchronizationOptions 枚举


包含确定域内的目录的同步方式的标志。Contains flags that determine how directories within a domain will be synchronized. 可以为 Option 属性设置这些选项。These options can be set for the Option property.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class DirectorySynchronizationOptions
public enum DirectorySynchronizationOptions
type DirectorySynchronizationOptions = 
Public Enum DirectorySynchronizationOptions


IncrementalValues 2147483648

如果没有此标志,则当任何值发生更改时,将返回多值特性中的所有值(最多到服务器指定的限制)。If this flag is not present, all of the values, up to a server-specified limit, in a multi-valued attribute are returned when any value changes. 如果有此标志,则只返回发生更改的值。If this flag is present, only the changed values are returned.

None 0

不设置任何标志。No flags are set.

ObjectSecurity 1

如果没有此标志,则调用方必须有复制更改的权限。If this flag is not present, the caller must have the right to replicate changes. 如果有此标志,则调用方不需要权限,但只允许查看调用方可以访问的对象和特性。If this flag is present, the caller requires no rights, but is allowed to see only objects and attributes that are accessible to the caller.

ParentsFirst 2048

如果父级可能会在复制流中出现的时间靠后,在子级之前返回父级。Return parents before children, when parents would otherwise appear later in the replication stream.

PublicDataOnly 8192

在搜索结果中不返回私有数据。Do not return private data in the search results.