ExtendedDN 枚举


ExtendedDN 枚举指定返回扩展识别名的格式。 此枚举与 ExtendedDN 属性一起使用。This enumeration is used with the ExtendedDN property.

public enum class ExtendedDN
public enum ExtendedDN
type ExtendedDN = 
Public Enum ExtendedDN


HexString 0

指示识别名使用十六进制格式。Indicates that the distinguished name uses the hexadecimal format.

None -1

指示识别名使用识别名格式。Indicates that the distinguished name uses the distinguished name format.

Standard 1

指示识别名使用标准字符串格式。Indicates that the distinguished name uses the standard string format.


下面的 c # 示例演示如何以十六进制格式返回可分辨名称的集合。The following C# example shows how to return a collection of distinguished names in hexadecimal format.

using System.DirectoryServices;  
DirectorySearcher src = new DirectorySearcher("…");  
src.PropertiesToLoad = new string[] {ntSecurityDescriptor,…};  
src.ExtendedDN = ExtendedDN.HexString;  
SearchResultCollection res = src.FindAll();  


可分辨名称的扩展形式包括对象的 objectGUID 属性的字符串表示形式。The extended form of a distinguished name includes a string representation of the objectGUID property of an object. 对于安全主体对象(如用户、组和计算机),扩展窗体还包括 objectSID 属性的字符串表示形式。For security principal objects such as users, groups, and computers, the extended form also includes a string representation of the objectSID property. 有关 objectGUID 和 objectSID 属性的详细信息,请参阅对象 Guid对象 SidFor more information about the objectGUID and objectSID properties, see Object-Guid and Object-Sid.