ErrorResponseCategory 枚举


ErrorResponseCategory 枚举包含可能的 DSML 错误响应。The ErrorResponseCategory enumeration contains possible DSML error responses.

public enum class ErrorResponseCategory
public enum ErrorResponseCategory
type ErrorResponseCategory = 
Public Enum ErrorResponseCategory


AuthenticationFailed 5

身份验证失败。Authentication failed. 值等于 5。The value is equal to 5.

ConnectionClosed 2

DSML 提供程序已连接到服务器,但服务器在未响应请求的情况下关闭了连接。The DSML provider connected to a server, but the server closed the connection without responding to the request. 值等于 2。The value is equal to 2.

CouldNotConnect 1

DSML 提供程序无法连接到服务器。The DSML provider was unable to connect to a server. 值等于 1。The value is equal to 1.

GatewayInternalError 4

存在内部网关错误。There is an internal gateway error. 值等于 4。The value is equal to 4.

MalformedRequest 3

客户端无法指定每个请求的请求 ID。The client failed to specify a request ID for each request. 值等于 3。The value is equal to 3.

NotAttempted 0

DSML 提供程序未尝试执行请求元素。The DSML provider did not attempt to execute a request element. 该值等于 0。The value is equal to 0.

Other 7

发生未知错误。An unknown error occurred. 值等于 7。The value is equal to 7.

UnresolvableUri 6

客户端提供程序无法将 URI 解析为可以传输到服务器的值。The client provider is unable to resolve the URI to a value that can transferred to the server. 值等于 6。The value is equal to 6.