ReferralChasingOptions 枚举


ReferralChasingOptions 枚举指定是否以及如何追踪检索跟踪。The ReferralChasingOptions enumeration specifies if and how referral chasing is pursued.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class ReferralChasingOptions
public enum ReferralChasingOptions
type ReferralChasingOptions = 
Public Enum ReferralChasingOptions


All 96

跟踪从属或外部类型的检索。Chase referrals of either the subordinate or external type. 该值等于 96 或 0x60。The value is equal to 96 or 0x60.

External 64

跟踪外部检索。Chase external referrals. 该值等于 64 或 0x40。The value is equal to 64 or 0x40.

None 0

从不检索被引用的服务器。Never chase the referred-to server. 设置此选项可防止客户端在检索进程中联系其他服务器。Setting this option prevents a client from contacting other servers in a referral process. 该值等于 0 或 0x0。The value is equal to 0 or 0x0.

Subordinate 32

只跟踪作为目录树中的从属命名上下文的从属检索。Chase only subordinate referrals which are a subordinate naming context in a directory tree. 对于分页搜索,ADSI LDAP 提供程序始终会关闭这一标记。The ADSI LDAP provider always turns off this flag for paged searches. 该值等于 32 或 0x20。The value is equal to 32 or 0x20.