ResultCode 枚举


ResultCode 枚举指定操作结果代码。The ResultCode enumeration specifies the operation result codes.

public enum class ResultCode
public enum ResultCode
type ResultCode = 
Public Enum ResultCode


AdminLimitExceeded 11

超出了服务器上的管理限制。The administration limit on the server was exceeded. 值等于 11。The value is equal to 11.

AffectsMultipleDsas 71

多个目录服务代理受到影响。Multiple directory service agents are affected. 值等于 71。The value is equal to 71.

AliasDereferencingProblem 36

取消引用别名时发生问题。A problem occurred when dereferencing the alias. 值等于 36。The value is equal to 36.

AliasProblem 33

该别名无效。The alias is invalid. 值等于 33。The value is equal to 33.

AttributeOrValueExists 20

该特性存在或者已经分配该值。The attribute exists or the value has been assigned. 值等于 20。The value is equal to 20.

AuthMethodNotSupported 7

不支持此身份验证方法。The authentication method is not supported. 值等于 7。The value is equal to 7.

Busy 51

该服务器正忙。The server is busy. 值等于 51。The value is equal to 51.

CompareFalse 5

该特性和已知值不匹配。The attribute and known values do not match. 值等于 5。The value is equal to 5.

CompareTrue 6

该特性和已知值匹配。The attribute and known values match. 值等于 6。The value is equal to 6.

ConfidentialityRequired 13

此操作要求保密。Confidentiality is required for this operation. 值等于 13。The value is equal to 13.

ConstraintViolation 19

请求中的一个值不符合某些约束。A value in the request does not comply with certain constraints. 值等于 19。The value is equal to 19.

EntryAlreadyExists 68

该对象已经存在。The object already exists. 值等于 68。The value is equal to 68.

InappropriateAuthentication 48

提供的身份验证不合适。The authentication that was provided was not appropriate. 值等于 48。The value is equal to 48.

InappropriateMatching 18

该匹配规则不适用于指定的特性类型。The matching rule does not apply to the specified attribute type. 值等于 18。The value is equal to 18.

InsufficientAccessRights 50

该用户没有足够的访问权限。The user has insufficient access rights. 值等于 50。The value is equal to 50.

InvalidAttributeSyntax 21

该语法无效。The syntax is invalid. 值等于 21。The value is equal to 21.

InvalidDNSyntax 34

该识别名包含无效的语法。The distinguished name contains invalid syntax. 值等于 34。The value is equal to 34.

LoopDetect 54

引用值链已经循环回到引用服务器。The chain of referrals has looped back to a referring server. 值等于 54。The value is equal to 54.

NamingViolation 64

发生了命名冲突。A naming violation occurred. 值等于 64。The value is equal to 64.

NoSuchAttribute 16

请求的特性不存在。The requested attribute does not exist. 值等于 16。The value is equal to 16.

NoSuchObject 32

该对象不存在。The object does not exist. 值等于 32。The value is equal to 32.

NotAllowedOnNonLeaf 66

不允许对非叶对象执行此操作。This operation is not allowed on a non-leaf object. 值等于 66。The value is equal to 66.

NotAllowedOnRdn 67

不允许对相对识别名 (RDN) 执行此操作。This operation is not allowed on a relative distinguished name (RDN). 值等于 67。The value is equal to 67.

ObjectClassModificationsProhibited 69

该请求正尝试修改无法修改的对象类。The request is attempting to modify an object class that cannot be modified. 值等于 69。The value is equal to 69.

ObjectClassViolation 65

发生了对象类冲突。An object class violation occurred. 值等于 65。The value is equal to 65.

OffsetRangeError 61

搜索结果超出指定的偏移量范围。The search results exceed the specified offset range. 值等于 61。The value is equal to 61.

OperationsError 1

发生操作错误。An operation error occurred. 值等于 1。The value is equal to 1.

Other 80

发生未知错误。An unknown error occurred. 值等于 80。The value is equal to 80.

ProtocolError 2

发生协议错误。A protocol error occurred. 值等于 2。The value is equal to 2.

Referral 10

从服务器返回了引用值。A referral was returned from the server. 值等于 10。The value is equal to 10.

ReferralV2 9

只收到了部分结果和引用值。Only partial results and referrals were received. 值等于 9。The value is equal to 9.

ResultsTooLarge 70

返回的结果太大。The returned results are too large. 值等于 70。The value is equal to 70.

SaslBindInProgress 14

正在进行简单身份验证和安全层 (SASL) 绑定。Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) bind is in progress. 值等于 14。The value is equal to 14.

SizeLimitExceeded 4

超出了大小限制。The size limit was exceeded. 值等于 4。The value is equal to 4.

SortControlMissing 60

该搜索需要一个 SORT 控件。The search requires a SORT control. 值等于 60。The value is equal to 60.

StrongAuthRequired 8

此操作要求强身份验证。Strong authentication is required for this operation. 值等于 8。The value is equal to 8.

Success 0

已成功完成调用。The call completed successfully. 该值等于 0。The value is equal to 0.

TimeLimitExceeded 3

超出了由服务器端时间限制参数设置的时间限制。The time limit set by the server-side time limit parameter was exceeded. 值等于 3。The value is equal to 3.

Unavailable 52

该服务器不可用。The server is unavailable. 值等于 52。The value is equal to 52.

UnavailableCriticalExtension 12

服务器不支持该控件,The server does not support the control. 而该控件至关重要。The control is critical. 值等于 12。The value is equal to 12.

UndefinedAttributeType 17

该类型未定义。The type is not defined. 值等于 17。The value is equal to 17.

UnwillingToPerform 53

该服务器无法处理目录请求。The server cannot handle directory requests. 值等于 53。The value is equal to 53.

VirtualListViewError 76

尝试执行请求的虚拟列表视图操作时出错。An error occurred when attempting to perform a requested Virtual List View operation. 值等于 76。The value is equal to 76.