SearchScope SearchScope SearchScope SearchScope Enum


SearchScope 枚举指定搜索范围。The SearchScope enumeration specifies the scope of a search.

public enum class SearchScope
public enum SearchScope
type SearchScope = 
Public Enum SearchScope


Base Base Base Base 0

只搜索指定的基对象。Search only the specified base object. 该值等于 0。The value is equal to 0.

OneLevel OneLevel OneLevel OneLevel 1

搜索基对象的子对象,但不搜索基对象本身。Search the child objects of the base object, but not the base object itself. 值等于 1。The value is equal to 1.

Subtree Subtree Subtree Subtree 2

搜索基对象和所有子对象。Search the base object and all child objects. 值等于 2。The value is equal to 2.