SearchScope 枚举


指定使用 DirectorySearcher 对象执行的目录搜索的可能范围。Specifies the possible scopes for a directory search that is performed using the DirectorySearcher object.

public enum class SearchScope
public enum SearchScope
type SearchScope = 
Public Enum SearchScope


Base 0

将搜索限于基对象。Limits the search to the base object. 结果最多包含一个对象。The result contains a maximum of one object. AttributeScopeQuery 属性指定用于某一搜索时,搜索范围必须设置为 BaseWhen the AttributeScopeQuery property is specified for a search, the scope of the search must be set to Base.

OneLevel 1

搜索基对象的直接子对象,但不搜索基对象。Searches the immediate child objects of the base object, excluding the base object.

Subtree 2

搜索整个子树,包括基对象及其所有子对象。Searches the whole subtree, including the base object and all its child objects. 如果未指定目录搜索的范围,则执行 Subtree 类型的搜索。If the scope of a directory search is not specified, a Subtree type of search is performed.