CoordinateSpace 枚举


指定计算坐标时使用的系统。Specifies the system to use when evaluating coordinates.

public enum class CoordinateSpace
public enum CoordinateSpace
type CoordinateSpace = 
Public Enum CoordinateSpace


Device 2

指定设备坐标上下文中存在坐标。Specifies that coordinates are in the device coordinate context. 在计算机屏幕上,设备坐标通常以像素为单位进行测量。On a computer screen the device coordinates are usually measured in pixels.

Page 1

指定页面坐标上下文中存在坐标。Specifies that coordinates are in the page coordinate context. 其单位由 PageUnit 属性定义,并且必须是 GraphicsUnit 枚举的其中一个元素。Their units are defined by the PageUnit property, and must be one of the elements of the GraphicsUnit enumeration.

World 0

指定世界坐标上下文中存在坐标。Specifies that coordinates are in the world coordinate context. 世界坐标上下文用于非物理环境中,例如建模环境。World coordinates are used in a nonphysical environment, such as a modeling environment.