PenAlignment 枚举


指定相对于理论上、零宽度的线条的 Pen 对象的对齐方式。Specifies the alignment of a Pen object in relation to the theoretical, zero-width line.

public enum class PenAlignment
public enum PenAlignment
type PenAlignment = 
Public Enum PenAlignment


Center 0

指定 Pen 对象以理论的线条为中心。Specifies that the Pen object is centered over the theoretical line.

Inset 1

指定 Pen 被定位于理论的线条内。Specifies that the Pen is positioned on the inside of the theoretical line.

Left 3

指定将 Pen 定位于理论的线条的左侧。Specifies the Pen is positioned to the left of the theoretical line.

Outset 2

指定将 Pen 定位于理论的线条外。Specifies the Pen is positioned on the outside of the theoretical line.

Right 4

指定将 Pen 定位于理论的线条的右侧。Specifies the Pen is positioned to the right of the theoretical line.


Pen对象具有宽度。A Pen object has width. 此笔宽度的中心点相对于所绘制的线条对齐, 具体取决于对齐值。The center point of this pen width is aligned relative to the line being drawn depending on the alignment value. Pen对象可以定位在直线内绘制, 或在线上居中。A Pen object can be positioned to draw inside of a line or centered over the line.