QualityMode QualityMode QualityMode QualityMode Enum


指定呈现 GDI+ 对象时的总体质量。Specifies the overall quality when rendering GDI+ objects.

public enum class QualityMode
public enum QualityMode
type QualityMode = 
Public Enum QualityMode


Default Default Default Default 0

指定默认模式。Specifies the default mode.

High High High High 2

指定高质量、低速度呈现。Specifies high quality, low speed rendering.

Invalid Invalid Invalid Invalid -1

指定无效模式。Specifies an invalid mode.

Low Low Low Low 1

指定低质量、高速度呈现。Specifies low quality, high speed rendering.


质量级别与呈现所用的时间量成正比。The quality level is inversely proportional to the amount of time spent rendering. 此模式不会影响文本。This mode does not affect text. 若要设置文本呈现质量, 请使用TextRenderingHint枚举。To set the text rendering quality, use the TextRenderingHint enumeration.