Image.Flags 属性


获取该 Image 的像素数据的特性标志。Gets attribute flags for the pixel data of this Image.

 property int Flags { int get(); };
public int Flags { get; }
member this.Flags : int
Public ReadOnly Property Flags As Integer


表示该 ImageFlags 按位组合的 Image 的整数。The integer representing a bitwise combination of ImageFlags for this Image.



此方法返回的整数值将对应于 ImageFlags的总和,如下表所述。The integer value returned from this method will correspond to a sum of ImageFlags, as described in the following table.

ImageFlag 值ImageFlag value 整数表示形式Integer representation
ImageFlagsNone 00
ImageFlagsScalable 11
ImageFlagsHasAlpha 22
ImageFlagsHasTranslucent 44
ImageFlagsPartiallyScalable 88
ImageFlagsColorSpaceRGB 1616
ImageFlagsColorSpaceCMYK 3232
ImageFlagsColorSpaceGRAY 6464
ImageFlagsColorSpaceYCBCR 128128
ImageFlagsColorSpaceYCCK 256256
ImageFlagsHasRealDPI 40964096
ImageFlagsHasRealPixelSize 81928192
ImageFlagsReadOnly 6553665536
ImageFlagsCaching 131072131072

例如,如果图像的 Flags 属性返回77960,则图像的 ImageFlagsReadOnlyHasRealDpiHasRealPixelSizeColorSpaceYcbcrPartiallyScalableFor example, if the Flags property for an image returned 77960, the ImageFlags for the image would be ReadOnly, HasRealDpi, HasRealPixelSize, ColorSpaceYcbcr, and PartiallyScalable.