EastAsianLunisolarCalendar.GetLeapMonth(Int32, Int32) 方法


计算指定纪元年份的闰月。Calculates the leap month for the specified year and era.

 override int GetLeapMonth(int year, int era);
public override int GetLeapMonth (int year, int era);
override this.GetLeapMonth : int * int -> int
Public Overrides Function GetLeapMonth (year As Integer, era As Integer) As Integer



一个整数,用于表示年份。An integer that represents the year.


一个整数,用于表示纪元。An integer that represents the era.


一个从 1 到 13 的正整数,表示指定纪元年份的闰月。A positive integer from 1 through 13 that indicates the leap month in the specified year and era.

-or- 如果此日历不支持闰月,或者 yearera 参数未指定闰年,则为零。Zero if this calendar does not support a leap month, or if the year and era parameters do not specify a leap year.


在支持闰月的日历中, 闰月可以出现在某个月之后或在一年中的任何月份之后。In a calendar that supports a leap month, the leap month can occur either after a particular month or after any month in a year. 例如, GetMonth方法返回一个从1到13的数字, 用于指示与指定日期关联的月份。For example, the GetMonth method returns a number from 1 through 13 that indicates the month associated with a specified date. 如果一年的第八个月和第九个月之间有一个闰月GetMonth , 则该方法将为第八个月返回 8, 为第八个月返回 9, 在第9个月返回10个月。If there is a leap month between the eighth and ninth months of the year, the GetMonth method returns 8 for the eighth month, 9 for the leap eighth month, and 10 for the ninth month.