IAppDomainSetup IAppDomainSetup IAppDomainSetup IAppDomainSetup Interface


表示可以添加到 AppDomain 的实例的程序集绑定信息。Represents assembly binding information that can be added to an instance of AppDomain.

public interface class IAppDomainSetup
public interface IAppDomainSetup
type IAppDomainSetup = interface
Public Interface IAppDomainSetup


此接口的成员用于AppDomain.GetDataAppDomain.SetData方法来标识AppDomain要使用的数据。Members of this interface are used with the AppDomain.GetData and AppDomain.SetData methods to identify the AppDomain data to use.


ApplicationBase ApplicationBase ApplicationBase ApplicationBase

获取或设置包含该应用程序的目录的名称。Gets or sets the name of the directory containing the application.

ApplicationName ApplicationName ApplicationName ApplicationName

获取或设置应用程序的名称。Gets or sets the name of the application.

CachePath CachePath CachePath CachePath

获取或设置特定于应用程序且从中对文件进行卷影复制的区域的名称。Gets or sets the name of an area specific to the application where files are shadow copied.

ConfigurationFile ConfigurationFile ConfigurationFile ConfigurationFile

获取或设置应用程序域的配置文件的名称。Gets or sets the name of the configuration file for an application domain.

DynamicBase DynamicBase DynamicBase DynamicBase

获取或设置将在其中存储和访问动态生成文件的目录。Gets or sets the directory where dynamically generated files are stored and accessed.

LicenseFile LicenseFile LicenseFile LicenseFile

获取或设置与此域关联的许可证文件的位置。Gets or sets the location of the license file associated with this domain.

PrivateBinPath PrivateBinPath PrivateBinPath PrivateBinPath

获取或设置目录列表,它与 ApplicationBase 目录结合来探测专用程序集。Gets or sets the list of directories that is combined with the ApplicationBase directory to probe for private assemblies.

PrivateBinPathProbe PrivateBinPathProbe PrivateBinPathProbe PrivateBinPathProbe

获取或设置用于定位应用程序的专用二进制目录路径。Gets or sets the private binary directory path used to locate an application.

ShadowCopyDirectories ShadowCopyDirectories ShadowCopyDirectories ShadowCopyDirectories

获取或设置目录的名称,这些目录包含要影像复制的程序集。Gets or sets the names of the directories containing assemblies to be shadow copied.

ShadowCopyFiles ShadowCopyFiles ShadowCopyFiles ShadowCopyFiles

获取或设置指示影像复制是打开还是关闭的字符串。Gets or sets a string that indicates whether shadow copying is turned on or off.