CookieHandlerMode 枚举


指定支持的 cookie 处理程序模式。Specifies the cookie handler modes that are supported.

定义Mode 的可能值属性。Defines the possible values of the Mode property. 此属性将定义 CookieHandlerElement 对象配置的 cookie 处理程序。This property defines the kind of cookie handler that a CookieHandlerElement object configures. 有关更多信息,请参见 CookieHandlerElement 类。For more information, see the CookieHandlerElement class.

public enum class CookieHandlerMode
public enum CookieHandlerMode
type CookieHandlerMode = 
Public Enum CookieHandlerMode


Chunked 1

指定从 ChunkedCookieHandler 类的实例或从中派生的分块 cookie 管理器。Specifies a chunked cookie handler; a cookie handler that is an instance of or that derives from the ChunkedCookieHandler class.

Custom 2

指定从 CookieHandler 类派生的自定义 cookie 管理器。Specifies a custom cookie handler; a custom cookie handler that derives from the CookieHandler class.

Default 0

指定使用 cookie 处理程序的默认类型。Specifies that the default type of cookie handler is used. 对于 CookieHandlerElement 类,默认的是组块信息处理程序。For the CookieHandlerElement class the default is a chunked cookie handler.