SamlAccessDecision SamlAccessDecision SamlAccessDecision SamlAccessDecision Enum


指定是否授予 SamlSecurityToken 安全令牌的主题访问给定资源的权限。Specifies whether the subject of a SamlSecurityToken security token is granted access to a given resource.

public enum class SamlAccessDecision
public enum SamlAccessDecision
type SamlAccessDecision = 
Public Enum SamlAccessDecision


Deny Deny Deny Deny 1

指定对资源的访问被拒绝。Specifies that access to a resource is denied.

Indeterminate Indeterminate Indeterminate Indeterminate 2

指定颁发 SamlSecurityToken 安全令牌的安全令牌服务不具有足够的信息来确定对特定资源的访问权限。Specifies that the security token service that issued the SamlSecurityToken security token does not have enough information to determine the access permissions for a particular resource. SamlSecurityToken 安全令牌的接收方必须使用其他方法来确定用户的访问权限。A recipient of the SamlSecurityToken security token must use other means to determine the user's access permissions.

Permit Permit Permit Permit 0

指定对资源的访问权限被授予。Specifies that access to a resource is granted.


SamlAccessDecision 安全令牌内的 SamlAuthorizationDecisionStatement 中,使用 SamlSecurityToken 表示对资源的访问权限。Use the SamlAccessDecision to express access permissions to a resource in a SamlAuthorizationDecisionStatement within a SamlSecurityToken security token.