FileSystemInfo.Extension 属性


获取表示文件扩展名部分的字符串。Gets the string representing the extension part of the file.

 property System::String ^ Extension { System::String ^ get(); };
public string Extension { get; }
member this.Extension : string
Public ReadOnly Property Extension As String


包含 FileSystemInfo 扩展名的字符串。A string containing the FileSystemInfo extension.


Extension 属性FileSystemInfo返回扩展, 包括句点 (.)。The Extension property returns the FileSystemInfo extension, including the period (.). 例如, 对于 c:\NewFile.txt 文件, 此属性将返回 ".txt"。For example, for a file c:\NewFile.txt, this property returns ".txt".

下表列出了其他典型或相关 i/o 任务的示例。The following table lists examples of other typical or related I/O tasks.

若要执行此操作...To do this... 请参见本主题中的示例...See the example in this topic...
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检索文件的完全限定路径。Retrieve the fully qualified path of a file. GetFullPath
仅检索路径中的文件名。Retrieve only the file name a path. GetFileNameWithoutExtension
仅检索路径中的目录名称。Retrieve only the directory name from a path. GetDirectoryName
更改文件的扩展名。Change the extension of a file. ChangeExtension