SerialPinChange 枚举


指定在 SerialPort 对象上发生的更改的类型。Specifies the type of change that occurred on the SerialPort object.

public enum class SerialPinChange
public enum SerialPinChange
type SerialPinChange = 
Public Enum SerialPinChange


Break 64

在输入上检测到一个中断。A break was detected on input.

CDChanged 32

Carrier Detect (CD) 信号改变了状态。The Carrier Detect (CD) signal changed state. 此信号用于指示是否调制解调器已连接到正常工作的电话线并检测到数据载波信号。This signal is used to indicate whether a modem is connected to a working phone line and a data carrier signal is detected.

CtsChanged 8

Clear to Send (CTS) 信号改变了状态。The Clear to Send (CTS) signal changed state. 此信号用于指示是否能通过串行端口发送数据。This signal is used to indicate whether data can be sent over the serial port.

DsrChanged 16

Data Set Ready (DSR) 信号改变了状态。The Data Set Ready (DSR) signal changed state. 此信号用于指示串行端口上的设备是否已准备运行。This signal is used to indicate whether the device on the serial port is ready to operate.

Ring 256

检测到振铃指示。A ring indicator was detected.


此枚举与PinChanged事件一起使用。This enumeration is used with the PinChanged event.

当某个串行端口 pin 被断言或 unasserted 时, 它会更改状态。A serial port pin changes state when it is asserted or unasserted.