ComparisonSettings ComparisonSettings ComparisonSettings ComparisonSettings Enum


描述可以用于 CompareTo(ManagementBaseObject, ComparisonSettings) 的对象比较模式。Describes the object comparison modes that can be used with CompareTo(ManagementBaseObject, ComparisonSettings). 注意,这些值可以组合。Note that these values may be combined.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class ComparisonSettings
public enum ComparisonSettings
type ComparisonSettings = 
Public Enum ComparisonSettings


IgnoreCase IgnoreCase IgnoreCase IgnoreCase 16

一种以不区分大小写的方式比较字符串值的模式。A mode that compares string values in a case-insensitive manner. 此模式适用于字符串和限定符值。This applies to strings and to qualifier values. 无论是否指定了此标志,都会始终以不区分大小写的方式比较属性名称和限定符名称。Property and qualifier names are always compared in a case-insensitive manner whether this flag is specified or not. 值:16。Value: 16.

IgnoreClass IgnoreClass IgnoreClass IgnoreClass 8

一种假定要比较的对象是同一个类的实例的模式。A mode that assumes that the objects being compared are instances of the same class. 因此,此值只比较与实例相关的信息。Consequently, this value causes comparison of instance-related information only. 使用此标志可优化性能。Use this flag to optimize performance. 如果这些对象不属于同一类,则结果不确定。If the objects are not of the same class, the results are undefined. 值:8。Value: 8.

IgnoreDefaultValues IgnoreDefaultValues IgnoreDefaultValues IgnoreDefaultValues 4

一种忽略属性的默认值的模式。A mode that ignores the default values of properties. 此值仅在比较类时才有意义。This value is only meaningful when comparing classes. 值:4.Value: 4.

IgnoreFlavor IgnoreFlavor IgnoreFlavor IgnoreFlavor 32

一种忽略限定符特色信息的模式。A mode that ignores qualifier flavors. 此标志仍会将限定符值考虑在内,但会忽略风格差别(如传播规则和重写限制)。This flag still takes qualifier values into account, but ignores flavor distinctions such as propagation rules and override restrictions. 值:32。Value: 32.

IgnoreObjectSource IgnoreObjectSource IgnoreObjectSource IgnoreObjectSource 2

一种模式,它在将对象与其他对象进行比较时会忽略对象的源(即对象来自的服务器和命名空间)。A mode that ignores the source of the objects, namely the server and the namespace they came from, in comparison to other objects. 值:2.Value: 2.

IgnoreQualifiers IgnoreQualifiers IgnoreQualifiers IgnoreQualifiers 1

一种比较对象的模式,该模式忽略限定符。A mode that compares the objects, ignoring qualifiers. 值:1.Value: 1.

IncludeAll IncludeAll IncludeAll IncludeAll 0

一种比较所比较对象的所有元素的模式。A mode that compares all elements of the compared objects. 值:0.Value: 0.