ManagementConfigurationType ManagementConfigurationType ManagementConfigurationType ManagementConfigurationType Enum


表示读/写属性的可能提交行为。 它用作 ManagementConfigurationAttribute 属性的参数值。It is used as the value of a parameter of the ManagementConfigurationAttribute attribute.

注意:WMI .NET 库现在视为处于最终状态,且没有可用于会影响这些库的非安全性相关问题的进一步开发、增强或更新。Note: the WMI .NET libraries are now considered in final state, and no further development, enhancements, or updates will be available for non-security related issues affecting these libraries. MI API 应用于所有新的开发。The MI APIs should be used for all new development.

public enum class ManagementConfigurationType
public enum ManagementConfigurationType
type ManagementConfigurationType = 
Public Enum ManagementConfigurationType


Apply Apply Apply Apply 0

仅当调用 Commit 时,设置的值才会生效。Set values take effect only when Commit is called.

OnCommit OnCommit OnCommit OnCommit 1

设置的值会立即应用。Set values are applied immediately.


ManagementConfigurationAttributeManagementCommitAttribute当特性用于标识要运行的方法以提交值时, 此特性才用作特性的参数值。This attribute is used as a parameter value for the ManagementConfigurationAttribute attribute only if the ManagementCommitAttribute attribute is used to identify a method to run to commit values. 否则, 会自动应用读/写属性值。Otherwise, read/write property values are applied automatically.