CookieUsePolicy CookieUsePolicy CookieUsePolicy CookieUsePolicy Enum


与服务器通信时,此枚举允许控制 HTTP cookie。This enumeration allows control of HTTP cookies when communicating with the server.

public enum class CookieUsePolicy
public enum CookieUsePolicy
type CookieUsePolicy = 
Public Enum CookieUsePolicy


IgnoreCookies IgnoreCookies IgnoreCookies IgnoreCookies 0

此值指示客户端未向服务器发送任何 cookie。This value indicates that no cookies are sent to the server by the client.

UseInternalCookieStoreOnly UseInternalCookieStoreOnly UseInternalCookieStoreOnly UseInternalCookieStoreOnly 1

此值指示在内部处理 cookie,这可优化性能。This value indicates that cookies are handled internally which optimizes performance. 使用此值时不允许访问、添加和删除 cookie。Accessing, adding and deleting cookies is not allowed when this value is used.

UseSpecifiedCookieContainer UseSpecifiedCookieContainer UseSpecifiedCookieContainer UseSpecifiedCookieContainer 2

此值指示使用 CookieContainer 类型手动管理 cookies。This value indicates that cookies are managed manually using a CookieContainer type.