HttpClientHandler.Dispose(Boolean) 方法


释放由 HttpClientHandler 使用的非托管资源,并可根据需要释放托管资源。Releases the unmanaged resources used by the HttpClientHandler and optionally disposes of the managed resources.

 override void Dispose(bool disposing);
protected override void Dispose (bool disposing);
override this.Dispose : bool -> unit
Protected Overrides Sub Dispose (disposing As Boolean)



如果释放托管资源和非托管资源,则为 true;如果仅释放非托管资源,则为 falsetrue to release both managed and unmanaged resources; false to releases only unmanaged resources.


此方法由公共 Dispose() 方法和 Finalize 方法调用。This method is called by the public Dispose() method and the Finalize method. Dispose() 调用受保护的 Dispose(Boolean) 方法,并将 disposing 参数设置为 trueDispose() invokes the protected Dispose(Boolean) method with the disposing parameter set to true. FinalizeDispose在设置为的情况调用 disposing falseFinalize invokes Dispose with disposing set to false.

disposing 参数为 true 时,此方法释放该 HttpClientHandler 引用的、由任何托管对象持有的全部资源。When the disposing parameter is true, this method releases all resources held by any managed objects that this HttpClientHandler references. 此方法调用每个引用对象的 Dispose() 方法。This method invokes the Dispose() method of each referenced object.