HttpRequestHeader HttpRequestHeader HttpRequestHeader HttpRequestHeader Enum


可能在客户端请求中指定的 HTTP 标头。The HTTP headers that may be specified in a client request.

public enum class HttpRequestHeader
public enum HttpRequestHeader
type HttpRequestHeader = 
Public Enum HttpRequestHeader


Accept Accept Accept Accept 20

Accept 标头,指定响应可接受的 MIME 类型。The Accept header, which specifies the MIME types that are acceptable for the response.

AcceptCharset AcceptCharset AcceptCharset AcceptCharset 21

Accept-Charset 标头,指定响应可接受的字符集。The Accept-Charset header, which specifies the character sets that are acceptable for the response.

AcceptEncoding AcceptEncoding AcceptEncoding AcceptEncoding 22

Accept-Charset 标头,指定响应可接受的内容编码。The Accept-Encoding header, which specifies the content encodings that are acceptable for the response.

AcceptLanguage AcceptLanguage AcceptLanguage AcceptLanguage 23

Accept-Langauge 标头,指定用于响应的首选自然语言。The Accept-Language header, which specifies that natural languages that are preferred for the response.

Allow Allow Allow Allow 10

Allow 标头,指定支持的 HTTP 方法集。The Allow header, which specifies the set of HTTP methods supported.

Authorization Authorization Authorization Authorization 24

Authorization 标头,指定客户端提供的以向服务器验证自身身份的凭据。The Authorization header, which specifies the credentials that the client presents in order to authenticate itself to the server.

CacheControl CacheControl CacheControl CacheControl 0

Cache-Control 标头,指定请求/响应链上所有缓存控制机制必须服从的指令。The Cache-Control header, which specifies directives that must be obeyed by all cache control mechanisms along the request/response chain.

Connection Connection Connection Connection 1

Connection 标头,指定特定连接所需的选项。The Connection header, which specifies options that are desired for a particular connection.

ContentEncoding ContentEncoding ContentEncoding ContentEncoding 13

Content-Encoding 标头,指定应用到随附的正文数据的编码。The Content-Encoding header, which specifies the encodings that have been applied to the accompanying body data.

ContentLanguage ContentLanguage ContentLanguage ContentLanguage 14

Content-Langauge 标头,指定随附的正文数据的自然语言。The Content-Language header, which specifies the natural language(s) of the accompanying body data.

ContentLength ContentLength ContentLength ContentLength 11

Content-Length 标头,指定随附的正文数据的长度(以字节为单位)。The Content-Length header, which specifies the length, in bytes, of the accompanying body data.

ContentLocation ContentLocation ContentLocation ContentLocation 15

Content-Location 标头,指定可从中获取随附的正文的 URI。The Content-Location header, which specifies a URI from which the accompanying body may be obtained.

ContentMd5 ContentMd5 ContentMd5 ContentMd5 16

Content-MD5 标头,指定随附的正文数据的 MD5 摘要,以便提供端到端消息完整性检查。The Content-MD5 header, which specifies the MD5 digest of the accompanying body data, for the purpose of providing an end-to-end message integrity check. 由于 MD5 出现冲突问题,Microsoft 建议使用基于 SHA256 或更高版本的安全模型。Due to collision problems with MD5, Microsoft recommends a security model based on SHA256 or better.

ContentRange ContentRange ContentRange ContentRange 17

Content-Range 标头,指定完整正文中应用随附的部分正文数据的位置。The Content-Range header, which specifies where in the full body the accompanying partial body data should be applied.

ContentType ContentType ContentType ContentType 12

Content-Type 标头,指定随附的正文数据的 MIME 类型。The Content-Type header, which specifies the MIME type of the accompanying body data.


Cookie 标头,指定向服务器提供的 cookie 数据。The Cookie header, which specifies cookie data presented to the server.

Date Date Date Date 2

Date 标头,指定发出请求的日期和时间。The Date header, which specifies the date and time at which the request originated.

Expect Expect Expect Expect 26

Expect 标头,指定客户端所需的特定服务器行为。The Expect header, which specifies particular server behaviors that are required by the client.

Expires Expires Expires Expires 18

Expires 标头,指定日期和时间,在该日期和时间之后随附的正文数据将被视为已过期。The Expires header, which specifies the date and time after which the accompanying body data should be considered stale.

From From From From 27

From 标头,指定控制请求的用户代理的用户的 Internet 电子邮件地址。The From header, which specifies an Internet Email address for the human user who controls the requesting user agent.

Host Host Host Host 28

Host 标头,指定要请求的资源的主机名和端口号。The Host header, which specifies the host name and port number of the resource being requested.

IfMatch IfMatch IfMatch IfMatch 29

If-match 标头,指定仅当客户端所指示的资源的缓存副本是最新的时,才执行所请求的操作。The If-Match header, which specifies that the requested operation should be performed only if the client's cached copy of the indicated resource is current.

IfModifiedSince IfModifiedSince IfModifiedSince IfModifiedSince 30

If-Modified-Since 标头,指定仅当自指示的数据和时间之后修改了请求的资源时,才执行请求的操作。The If-Modified-Since header, which specifies that the requested operation should be performed only if the requested resource has been modified since the indicated data and time.

IfNoneMatch IfNoneMatch IfNoneMatch IfNoneMatch 31

If-None-Match 标头,指定仅当客户端所指示的资源的缓存副本都不是最新的时,才执行所请求的操作。The If-None-Match header, which specifies that the requested operation should be performed only if none of client's cached copies of the indicated resources are current.

IfRange IfRange IfRange IfRange 32

If-Range 标头,指定如果客户端的缓存副本是最新的,则仅发送指定范围的请求资源。The If-Range header, which specifies that only the specified range of the requested resource should be sent, if the client's cached copy is current.

IfUnmodifiedSince IfUnmodifiedSince IfUnmodifiedSince IfUnmodifiedSince 33

If-Unmodified-Since 标头,指定仅当自指示的数据和时间之后未修改请求的资源时,才执行请求的操作。The If-Unmodified-Since header, which specifies that the requested operation should be performed only if the requested resource has not been modified since the indicated date and time.

KeepAlive KeepAlive KeepAlive KeepAlive 3

Keep-Alive 标头,指定用于保持持久性连接的参数。The Keep-Alive header, which specifies a parameter used into order to maintain a persistent connection.

LastModified LastModified LastModified LastModified 19

Last-Modified 标头,指定上次修改随附的正文数据的日期和时间。The Last-Modified header, which specifies the date and time at which the accompanying body data was last modified.

MaxForwards MaxForwards MaxForwards MaxForwards 34

Max-Forwards 标头,指定一个整数,表示此请求还可以被转发的次数。The Max-Forwards header, which specifies an integer indicating the remaining number of times that this request may be forwarded.

Pragma Pragma Pragma Pragma 4

Pragma 标头,指定特定于实现的指令,这些指令可应用到请求/响应链上的任意代理。The Pragma header, which specifies implementation-specific directives that might apply to any agent along the request/response chain.

ProxyAuthorization ProxyAuthorization ProxyAuthorization ProxyAuthorization 35

Proxy-Authorization 标头,指定客户端提供的以向代理验证自身身份的凭据。The Proxy-Authorization header, which specifies the credentials that the client presents in order to authenticate itself to a proxy.

Range Range Range Range 37

Range 标头,指定代替整个响应返回的客户端请求的响应的子范围。The Range header, which specifies the sub-range(s) of the response that the client requests be returned in lieu of the entire response.

Referer Referer Referer Referer 36

Referer 标头,指定可从中获取请求 URI 的资源 URI。The Referer header, which specifies the URI of the resource from which the request URI was obtained.

Te Te Te Te 38

TE 标头,指定响应可接受的传输编码。The TE header, which specifies the transfer encodings that are acceptable for the response.

Trailer Trailer Trailer Trailer 5

Trailer 标头,指定显示在以成块传输编码方式编码的消息尾部的标头字段。The Trailer header, which specifies the header fields present in the trailer of a message encoded with chunked transfer-coding.

TransferEncoding TransferEncoding TransferEncoding TransferEncoding 6

Transfer-Encoding 标头,指定应用到消息正文的转换类型(如果有)。The Transfer-Encoding header, which specifies what (if any) type of transformation that has been applied to the message body.

Translate Translate Translate Translate 39

Translate 标头,与 WebDAV 功能一起使用的 HTTP 规范的 Microsoft 扩展。The Translate header, a Microsoft extension to the HTTP specification used in conjunction with WebDAV functionality.

Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade 7

Upgrade 标头,指定客户端支持的其他通信协议。The Upgrade header, which specifies additional communications protocols that the client supports.

UserAgent UserAgent UserAgent UserAgent 40

User-Agent 标头,指定有关客户端代理的信息。The User-Agent header, which specifies information about the client agent.

Via Via Via Via 8

Via 标头,指定网关和代理要使用的中间协议。The Via header, which specifies intermediate protocols to be used by gateway and proxy agents.

Warning Warning Warning Warning 9

Warning 标头,指定消息中可能不会反映的有关消息的状态或转换的其他信息。The Warning header, which specifies additional information about that status or transformation of a message that might not be reflected in the message.


有关各种标头的相应内容, 请参阅 HTTP/1.1 规范 ( rfc2616中提供)。The appropriate contents of various headers are described in detail in the HTTP/1.1 specification, available at rfc2616.