NetBiosNodeType 枚举


指定网络基本输入/输出系统 (NetBIOS) 节点类型。Specifies the Network Basic Input/Output System (NetBIOS) node type.

public enum class NetBiosNodeType
public enum NetBiosNodeType
type NetBiosNodeType = 
Public Enum NetBiosNodeType


Broadcast 1

广播节点。A broadcast node.

Hybrid 8

Hybrid 混合节点。A hybrid node.

Mixed 4

Mixed 混合节点。A mixed node.

Peer2Peer 2

对等节点。A peer-to-peer node.

Unknown 0

未知节点类型。An unknown node type.


节点类型决定了将 NetBIOS 名称解析为 Internet 协议 (IP) 地址的方式。The node type determines the way in which NetBIOS names are resolved to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. 下表显示了每种节点类型的名称解析方法。The following table shows the name resolution method for each node type.

节点类型Node type 将名称解析为 IP 地址Resolve name to IP address
公布Broadcast 使用 NetBIOS 名称查询。Uses NetBIOS name queries.
Peer2PeerPeer2Peer 使用 NetBIOS 名称服务器 (NBNS), 例如 Windows Internet 名称服务 (WINS)。Uses a NetBIOS name server (NBNS), for example, Windows Internet Name Service (WINS).
混合Mixed 首先使用 NetBIOS 名称查询并使用 NBNS 来解析。Attempts to resolve by first using NetBIOS name queries and then using an NBNS.
混合Hybrid 首先使用 NBNS 并使用 NetBIOS 名称查询来解析。Attempts to resolve by first using an NBNS and then using a NetBIOS name query.

此枚举用于指定NodeType属性的值。This enumeration is used to specify values for the NodeType property.