PeerPresenceStatus 枚举


指定对等方的状态。Specifies the presence status of a peer.

public enum class PeerPresenceStatus
public enum PeerPresenceStatus
type PeerPresenceStatus = 
Public Enum PeerPresenceStatus


Away 2

指定对等方的状态为“离开”,无法进行响应。Specifies that the peer is "Away" and unable to respond.

BeRightBack 3

指定对等方已暂时离开应用程序,马上即可回来参与。Specifies that the peer has stepped away from the application and will participate soon.

Busy 5

指定对等方正“忙”,不希望被打扰。Specifies that the peer is "Busy" and does not wish to be disturbed.

Idle 4

指定对等方的状态为空闲。Specifies that the peer is idling.

Offline 0

指定对等方的状态为“脱机”。Specifies that the peer is Offline.

Online 7

指定对等方正在参与对等方协作网络。Specifies that the peer is actively participating in the Peer Collaboration network.

OnThePhone 6

指定对等方当前正在接听电话,不希望被打扰。Specifies that the peer is currently on the phone and does not wish to be disturbed.

OutToLunch 1

指定对等方的当前状态为“外出午餐”,无法进行响应。Specifies that the peer is currently "Out to Lunch" and unable to respond.


可以PeerPresenceStatus为特定的对等协作网络终结点设置这些值, 以指示对等互连对订阅的远程对等方的当前参与级别。The PeerPresenceStatus values can be set for specific peer collaboration network endpoints to indicate the current level of participation of a peer to subscribed remote peers.

这些状态值类似于 MSN Messenger 系统使用的值。These status values are analogous to those utilized by the MSN Messenger system.