WebClient.WriteStreamClosed 事件



此 API 现已过时。

在使用写入流将数据写入资源的异步操作结束时发生。Occurs when an asynchronous operation to write data to a resource using a write stream is closed.

 event System::Net::WriteStreamClosedEventHandler ^ WriteStreamClosed;
[System.Obsolete("This API supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.", true)]
public event System.Net.WriteStreamClosedEventHandler WriteStreamClosed;
member this.WriteStreamClosed : System.Net.WriteStreamClosedEventHandler 
Public Custom Event WriteStreamClosed As WriteStreamClosedEventHandler 


当使用写入流将数据写入资源的异步操作关闭时,将引发此事件。This event is raised each time an asynchronous operation used to write data to a resource using a write stream is closed. 这些操作通过调用 OpenWriteTaskAsync 方法得到。These operations result from calls to the OpenWriteTaskAsync methods.

WriteStreamClosedEventHandler 是此事件的委托。The WriteStreamClosedEventHandler is the delegate for this event. WriteStreamClosedEventArgs 类向事件处理程序提供事件数据。The WriteStreamClosedEventArgs class provides the event handler with event data.

有关如何处理事件的详细信息,请参阅处理和引发事件For more information about how to handle events, see Handling and Raising Events.