PageBorderless 枚举


指定打印设备是打印到介质边缘,还是在边缘周围留出一定的空白不打印。Specifies whether a print device prints to the edge of the media or provides an unprinted margin around the edge.

public enum class PageBorderless
public enum PageBorderless
type PageBorderless = 
Public Enum PageBorderless


Borderless 1

无边打印,即设备将打印到打印介质的边缘。Borderless printing, that is, the device prints to the edge of the print media.

None 2

有边打印,即设备在打印介质的边缘周围留出一定的空白不打印。Printing with a border, that is, the device provides an unprinted margin around the edge of the print media.

Unknown 0

将此功能(其选项由此枚举表示)设置为未在中定义的选项。The feature (whose options are represented by this enumeration) is set to an option not defined.


大多数激光和喷墨打印机不支持无边框打印。Most laser and inkjet printers do not support borderless printing. 它们需要 unprinted 的边距, 以防碳粉量进入移动纸张的打印机部件。They require an unprinted margin to prevent toner from getting on the parts of the printer that move the paper. 然而, 许多照片式打印机都支持无边框打印。Many photographic printers, however, do support borderless printing.

使用此类型的值主要用于以下目的:Use the values of this type primarily for these purposes:

PrintCapabilities对象的属性中从不使用未知值。The Unknown value is never used in properties of PrintCapabilities objects.

永远不应将PrintTicket属性设置为 "未知"。You should never set a PrintTicket property to Unknown. 如果生成应用PrintTicket程序的其他部分创建了一个PrintTicket 文档, 该文档将 "页面无边距" 功能设置PrintTicket为无法识别的选项, 则应用程序中用该文档构造的对象将具有作为PageBorderless属性的值未知。If some other PrintTicket producing application has created a PrintTicket document that sets the page borderless feature to an unrecognized option, then a PrintTicket object in your application that is constructed with that document will have Unknown as the value of the PageBorderless property.