PageQualitativeResolution 枚举


将页面的分辨率指定为定性的非数字值。Specifies the page resolution as a qualitative, non-numerical, value.

public enum class PageQualitativeResolution
public enum PageQualitativeResolution
type PageQualitativeResolution = 
Public Enum PageQualitativeResolution


Default 1

打印机的默认定性分辨率。The default qualitative resolution for the printer.

Draft 2

草稿品质,大多数打印机使用的是 300 dpi。Draft-level quality, which is 300 dpi for most printers.

High 3

高质量,大多数打印机使用的是 1200 dpi 或以上。High quality, which is 1200 dpi or greater for most printers.

Normal 4

正常质量,大多数打印机使用的是 600 dpi。Normal quality, which is 600 dpi for most printers.

Other 5

其他质量。Other quality.

Unknown 0

该功能(其选项由此枚举表示)设置为未在打印架构中定义的选项。The feature (whose options are represented by this enumeration) is set to an option not defined in the Print Schema.


可以使用此类型作为替代方法, 也可以使用补充说明, 以每英寸点数 (dpi) 说明分辨率。You can use this type as an alternative, or supplement, to stating resolution in dots per inch (dpi).

此枚举用于为QualitativeResolution属性提供值。This enumeration is used to provide values for the QualitativeResolution property. 类反过来用于为PageResolutionCapability属性提供值, 其中指定了PageResolution打印机支持的各种分辨率, 并使用属性来指示打印机要使用的分辨率。 PageResolutionThe PageResolution class, in turn, is used to provide values for the PageResolutionCapability property where it specifies the various resolutions that a printer supports, and the PageResolution property, where it instructs a printer what resolution to use.