PhotoPrintingIntent 枚举


指定打印照片时的输出质量。 打印机驱动程序将 PhotoPrintingIntent 转换为分辨率和其他质量因素的定性值。The printer driver translates the PhotoPrintingIntent into quantitative values for resolution and other quality factors.

public enum class PhotoPrintingIntent
public enum PhotoPrintingIntent
type PhotoPrintingIntent = 
Public Enum PhotoPrintingIntent


None 1

无照片打印目的。No photo-printing intent. 用户设置特定定性属性。The user sets specific quantitative properties.

PhotoBest 2

最佳质量的照片打印。Best quality photo printing.

PhotoDraft 3

草稿品质的照片打印。Draft quality photo printing.

PhotoStandard 4

标准质量的照片打印。Standard quality photo printing.

Unknown 0

该功能(其选项由此枚举表示)设置为未在打印架构中定义的选项。The feature (whose options are represented by this enumeration) is set to an option not defined in the Print Schema.


此类型的值主要用于以下目的:The values of this type are used primarily for these purposes:

Unknown值从不用于对象的PrintCapabilities属性。The Unknown value is never used in properties of PrintCapabilities objects.

永远不应将PrintTicket属性设置为。 UnknownYou should never set a PrintTicket property to Unknown. 如果生成应用PrintTicket程序的其他部分创建了一个 PrintTicket 文档, 该文档将照片打印意图功能设置为无法识别的选项 (即, 未在打印架构中定义的选项, PrintTicket则使用该文档构造的应用程序将具有Unknown PhotoPrintingIntent属性的值。If some other PrintTicket producing application has created a PrintTicket document that sets the photo printing intent feature to an unrecognized option (that is, an option that is not defined in the Print Schema, then a PrintTicket object in your application that is constructed with that document will have Unknown as the value of the PhotoPrintingIntent property.

PrintTicket PrintCapabilities尽管和PrintTicket PrintCapabilities类不能被继承, 但你可以扩展打印架构来识别在或类中不考虑的打印设备功能。Although the PrintTicket and PrintCapabilities classes cannot be inherited, you can extend the Print Schema to recognize print device features that are not accounted for in the PrintTicket or PrintCapabilities classes. 有关详细信息,请参阅如何:扩展打印架构并创建新的打印系统类For more information, see How to: Extend the Print Schema and Create New Print System Classes.