PrintQueue.HostingPrintServer 属性


获取或设置(受保护)控制打印队列的打印服务器。Gets or sets (protected) the print server that controls the print queue.

public:  virtual property System::Printing::PrintServer ^ HostingPrintServer {  public:
System::Printing::PrintServer ^ get(); protected:
 void set(System::Printing::PrintServer ^ value); };
public virtual System.Printing.PrintServer HostingPrintServer { get; protected set; }
member this.HostingPrintServer : System.Printing.PrintServer with get, set
Public Overridable Property HostingPrintServer As PrintServer


承载打印队列的 PrintServer 的名称和其他属性。The name and other properties of the PrintServer that is hosting the print queue.


此属性只能由派生自 PrintQueue 的类设置,因为该属性的 setter 是 protected的。This property can be set only by a class that derives from PrintQueue because the property's setter is protected.