PrintQueueIndexedProperty PrintQueueIndexedProperty PrintQueueIndexedProperty PrintQueueIndexedProperty Enum


指定在构建 PrintQueue 对象时初始化的属性。Specifies the properties that are initialized when a PrintQueue object is constructed.

public enum class PrintQueueIndexedProperty
public enum PrintQueueIndexedProperty
type PrintQueueIndexedProperty = 
Public Enum PrintQueueIndexedProperty


AveragePagesPerMinute AveragePagesPerMinute AveragePagesPerMinute AveragePagesPerMinute 9

打印队列的速度。The speed of the print queue.

Comment Comment Comment Comment 2

打印队列特定的注释。A comment specific to the print queue.

DefaultPrintTicket DefaultPrintTicket DefaultPrintTicket DefaultPrintTicket 19

默认的打印票证对象。The default print ticket object.

DefaultPriority DefaultPriority DefaultPriority DefaultPriority 6

默认优先级。The default priority.

Description Description Description Description 4

队列的说明。The description of the queue.

HostingPrintServer HostingPrintServer HostingPrintServer HostingPrintServer 15

主机打印服务器。The host print server.

Location Location Location Location 3

物理打印机的位置。The location of the physical printer.

Name Name Name Name 0

打印队列的名称。The name of the print queue.

NumberOfJobs NumberOfJobs NumberOfJobs NumberOfJobs 10

打印队列中的作业数量。The number of jobs in the print queue.

Priority Priority Priority Priority 5

打印队列相对于服务同一打印机的其他打印队列的优先级。The priority of the print queue relative to other print queues serving the same printer.

QueueAttributes QueueAttributes QueueAttributes QueueAttributes 11

打印队列的特性。The attributes of the print queue.

QueueDriver QueueDriver QueueDriver QueueDriver 12

队列的打印机驱动程序。The printer driver for the queue.

QueuePort QueuePort QueuePort QueuePort 13

打印队列使用的打印机端口。The printer port used by the print queue.

QueuePrintProcessor QueuePrintProcessor QueuePrintProcessor QueuePrintProcessor 14

打印队列的打印处理器。The print processor for the print queue.

QueueStatus QueueStatus QueueStatus QueueStatus 16

队列的当前状态。The current status of the queue.

SeparatorFile SeparatorFile SeparatorFile SeparatorFile 17

分隔符文件的路径。The path to the separator file.

ShareName ShareName ShareName ShareName 1

队列的共享名称。The share name of the queue.

StartTimeOfDay StartTimeOfDay StartTimeOfDay StartTimeOfDay 7

队列开始打印作业的时间。The time of day that the queue begins printing its jobs.

UntilTimeOfDay UntilTimeOfDay UntilTimeOfDay UntilTimeOfDay 8

队列停止打印作业的时间。The time of day that the queue stops printing jobs.

UserPrintTicket UserPrintTicket UserPrintTicket UserPrintTicket 18

用户的打印票证。The print ticket for the user.