ValidationResult.ConflictStatus 属性


获取指示打印机支持的功能与两个源 PrintTicket 初始合并时所需的功能之间是否发生冲突的值。Gets a value indicating whether a conflict occurred between the functionality supported by the printer and the functionality requested in the initial merger of two source PrintTickets.

 property System::Printing::ConflictStatus ConflictStatus { System::Printing::ConflictStatus get(); };
public System.Printing.ConflictStatus ConflictStatus { get; }
member this.ConflictStatus : System.Printing.ConflictStatus
Public ReadOnly Property ConflictStatus As ConflictStatus


其中一个 ConflictStatus 值指示未发生冲突,或至少发生了一个冲突但已解决。One of the ConflictStatus values that indicates either that no conflict occurred or that at least one conflict occurred but was resolved. 默认值为 NoConflictThe default is NoConflict.