AssemblyFlags AssemblyFlags AssemblyFlags AssemblyFlags Enum


public enum class AssemblyFlags
public enum AssemblyFlags
type AssemblyFlags = 
Public Enum AssemblyFlags


ContentTypeMask ContentTypeMask ContentTypeMask ContentTypeMask 3584

AssemblyContentType 的值相对应的内容类型掩码位。Content type masked bits that correspond to values of AssemblyContentType.

DisableJitCompileOptimizer DisableJitCompileOptimizer DisableJitCompileOptimizer DisableJitCompileOptimizer 16384

已为程序集禁用实时 (JIT) 编译器优化。Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler optimization is disabled for the assembly.

EnableJitCompileTracking EnableJitCompileTracking EnableJitCompileTracking EnableJitCompileTracking 32768

已为程序集启用实时 (JIT) 编译器跟踪。Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler tracking is enabled for the assembly.

PublicKey PublicKey PublicKey PublicKey 1

程序集引用包含完整(未经过哈希处理)的公钥。The assembly reference holds the full (unhashed) public key. 不适用于程序集定义。Not applicable on assembly definition.

Retargetable Retargetable Retargetable Retargetable 256

在运行时使用的引用程序集的实现不应与编译时所显示的版本匹配。The implementation of the referenced assembly used at runtime is not expected to match the version seen at compile time.

WindowsRuntime WindowsRuntime WindowsRuntime WindowsRuntime 512

程序集包含 Windows 运行时代码。The assembly contains Windows Runtime code.