ReflectionTypeLoadException.LoaderExceptions 属性


获取由类加载程序引发的一系列异常。Gets the array of exceptions thrown by the class loader.

 property cli::array <Exception ^> ^ LoaderExceptions { cli::array <Exception ^> ^ get(); };
public Exception[] LoaderExceptions { get; }
member this.LoaderExceptions : Exception[]
Public ReadOnly Property LoaderExceptions As Exception()


一组包含由类加载程序引发的异常 Exception 类型。An array of type Exception containing the exceptions thrown by the class loader. 此实例的 Types 数组中的 null 值吻合此数组中的异常。The null values in the Types array of this instance line up with the exceptions in this array.


属性检索与Types数组并行的类型Exception的数组。 LoaderExceptionsThe LoaderExceptions property retrieves an array of type Exception that is parallel to the Types array. 当反射无法加载类时, 此数组将包含 null 值。This array will contain null values whenever reflection cannot load a class.