CacheEntryRemovedReason 枚举


指定已移除或将要移除某个缓存项的原因。Specifies the reason why a cache entry was removed or an entry is about to be removed.

public enum class CacheEntryRemovedReason
public enum CacheEntryRemovedReason
type CacheEntryRemovedReason = 
Public Enum CacheEntryRemovedReason


CacheSpecificEviction 4

某个缓存项由于特定缓存实现定义的原因而被逐出。A cache entry was evicted for as reason that is defined by a particular cache implementation.

ChangeMonitorChanged 3

某个缓存项由于相关依赖项(如一个文件或其他缓存项)触发了其逐出操作而被移除。A cache entry was removed because a related dependency (such as a file or another cache entry) triggered eviction of the cache entry.

Evicted 2

某个缓存项由于释放缓存中的内存的原因而被移除。A cache entry was removed to free memory in the cache. 当某个缓存实例将超出特定于缓存的内存限制或某个进程或缓存实例将超出整个计算机范围的内存限制时,会发生这种情况。This occurs when a cache instance approaches cache-specific memory limits, or when a process or cache instance approaches computer-wide memory limits.

Expired 1

某个缓存项由于已过期而被移除。A cache entry was removed because it expired. 过期可基于绝对过期时间或可调过期时间。Expiration can be based on an absolute time or on a sliding expiration time.

Removed 0

通过使用 Remove(String, String)Set(String, Object, DateTimeOffset, String) 方法移除了某个缓存项。A cache entry was removed by using the Remove(String, String) or Set(String, Object, DateTimeOffset, String) method.


CacheEntryRemovedReason枚举用于提供预定义的一组原因, 原因是已删除或将要删除缓存条目。The CacheEntryRemovedReason enumeration is used to provide a predefined set of reasons why a cache entry was removed or is about to be removed. CacheEntryRemovedArgumentsCacheEntryRemovedReason采用值作为要传递给回调方法的参数之一。The CacheEntryRemovedArguments class takes a CacheEntryRemovedReason value as one of the parameter to pass to a callback method.