_ConstructorInfo.Invoke_3(Object, Object[]) _ConstructorInfo.Invoke_3(Object, Object[]) _ConstructorInfo.Invoke_3(Object, Object[]) _ConstructorInfo.Invoke_3(Object, Object[]) Method


为 COM 对象提供对 Invoke(Object, Object[]) 方法的版本无关的访问。Provides COM objects with version-independent access to the Invoke(Object, Object[]) method.

 System::Object ^ Invoke_3(System::Object ^ obj, cli::array <System::Object ^> ^ parameters);
public object Invoke_3 (object obj, object[] parameters);
abstract member Invoke_3 : obj * obj[] -> obj
Public Function Invoke_3 (obj As Object, parameters As Object()) As Object


Object Object Object Object

创建了此方法的实例。The instance that created this method.


调用方法或构造函数的参数列表。An argument list for the invoked method or constructor. 此对象数组在数量、顺序和类型方面与要调用的方法或构造函数的参数相同。This is an array of objects with the same number, order, and type as the parameters of the method or constructor to be invoked. 如果不存在任何参数,则 parameters 应为 nullIf there are no parameters, parameters should be null.

如果由此实例表示的方法或构造函数采用了 ref 参数(在 Visual Basic 中为 ByRef),那么此参数不需要特殊属性来通过此函数调用此方法或构造函数。If the method or constructor represented by this instance takes a ref parameter (ByRef in Visual Basic), no special attribute is required for that parameter in order to invoke the method or constructor using this function. 此数组中未使用值显式初始化的任何对象都将包含该对象类型的默认值。Any object in this array that is not explicitly initialized with a value will contain the default value for that object type. 对于引用类型元素,此值为 nullFor reference-type elements, this value is null. 对于值类型元素,此值为 0、0.0 或 false,具体取决于特定的元素类型。For value-type elements, this value is 0, 0.0, or false, depending on the specific element type.


与构造函数关联的类的实例。An instance of the class associated with the constructor.


此方法用于访问托管类到从非托管代码,不应从托管代码调用。This method is for access to managed classes from unmanaged code, and should not be called from managed code.

Invoke方法调用的方法或构造函数使用指定的参数此对象表示。The Invoke method invokes the method or constructor represented by this object, using the specified parameters.