TypeLibFuncFlags Enum


描述从中导入该方法的 COM 类型库中 FUNCFLAGS 的原始设置。Describes the original settings of the FUNCFLAGS in the COM type library from where this method was imported.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class TypeLibFuncFlags
public enum TypeLibFuncFlags
public enum TypeLibFuncFlags
public enum TypeLibFuncFlags
type TypeLibFuncFlags = 
Public Enum TypeLibFuncFlags


FBindable 4

支持数据绑定的函数。The function that supports data binding.

FDefaultBind 32

最佳表示此对象的函数。The function that best represents the object. 类型信息中只有一个函数可以具有此特性。Only one function in a type information can have this attribute.

FDefaultCollelem 256

允许进行这样的优化,在该优化中,编译器查找“abc”类型上的名为“xyz”的成员。Permits an optimization in which the compiler looks for a member named "xyz" on the type "abc". 如果找到这样的成员,而且该成员标志为默认集合的某元素的访问函数,则生成对该成员函数的调用。If such a member is found and is flagged as an accessor function for an element of the default collection, then a call is generated to that member function.

FDisplayBind 16

作为可绑定函数显示给用户的函数。The function that is displayed to the user as bindable. 还必须设置 FBindableFBindable must also be set.

FHidden 64

不应将此函数显示给用户,尽管它存在并且为可绑定函数。The function should not be displayed to the user, although it exists and is bindable.

FImmediateBind 4096

该函数作为单独的可绑定属性进行映射。The function is mapped as individual bindable properties.

FNonBrowsable 1024

该属性出现在对象浏览器而非属性浏览器中。The property appears in an object browser, but not in a properties browser.

FReplaceable 2048

将该接口标记为具有默认行为。Tags the interface as having default behaviors.

FRequestEdit 8

设置后,任何对设置此属性的方法的调用都首先导致对 IPropertyNotifySink::OnRequestEdit 的调用。When set, any call to a method that sets the property results first in a call to IPropertyNotifySink::OnRequestEdit.

FRestricted 1

此标志适用于系统级函数或类型浏览器不应显示的函数。This flag is intended for system-level functions or functions that type browsers should not display.

FSource 2

该函数返回一个对象,此对象为事件的源。The function returns an object that is a source of events.

FUiDefault 512

类型信息成员是在用户界面中显示的默认成员。The type information member is the default member for display in the user interface.

FUsesGetLastError 128

该函数支持 GetLastErrorThe function supports GetLastError.


TypeLibFuncFlagsTypeLibFuncAttribute一起使用。TypeLibFuncFlags is used with the TypeLibFuncAttribute. 仅保留标志以供参考。The flags are retained for reference only. 它们不是由公共语言运行时使用。They are not used by the common language runtime.

有关 FUNCFLAGS的详细信息,请参阅 MSDN library。For more information about FUNCFLAGS, see the MSDN library.

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