System.Runtime.Loader Namespace

System.Runtime.Loader 命名空间提供接口和类,使开发人员可以影响运行时加载行为。 The System.Runtime.Loader namespace provides interfaces and classes to allow developers the opportunity to influence runtime loading behavior.


允许程序根据给定程序集的依赖关系将程序集和本机库解析为路径。Allows a program to resolve assemblies and native libraries to paths based on the dependencies of a given assembly.


表示运行时绑定范围的概念。Represents the runtime's concept of a scope for binding. 此类为抽象类。This class is abstract.



提供专用于 EnterContextualReflection() 的返回类型。Provides a return type used exclusively for EnterContextualReflection(). 它将作为 IDisposableusing 块中使用。It is intended to be used as an IDisposable in a using block.