IConstructionCallMessage IConstructionCallMessage IConstructionCallMessage IConstructionCallMessage Interface


表示对象的结构调用请求。Represents the construction call request of an object.

public interface class IConstructionCallMessage : System::Runtime::Remoting::Messaging::IMethodCallMessage
public interface IConstructionCallMessage : System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging.IMethodCallMessage
type IConstructionCallMessage = interface
    interface IMessage
    interface IMethodCallMessage
    interface IMethodMessage
Public Interface IConstructionCallMessage
Implements IMethodCallMessage


当用户通过调用newActivator.CreateInstance在线程返回到用户代码之前创建新的客户端激活对象的实例时, IConstructionCallMessage将向远程应用程序发送。When the user creates an instance of a new client-activated object by calling new or Activator.CreateInstance and before the thread returns to the user code, a IConstructionCallMessage is sent to the remote application. 当构造消息到达远程应用程序时, 它由远程处理程序激活器 (默认值或Activator属性中指定的消息) 处理, 并创建新的对象。When the construction message arrives at the remote application, it is processed by a remoting activator (either the default one, or one that is specified in the Activator property) and a new object is created. 远程处理应用程序随后将IConstructionReturnMessage返回到本地应用程序。The remoting application then returns a IConstructionReturnMessage to the local application. IConstructionReturnMessage包含的ObjRef实例, 该实例对有关远程对象的信息进行打包。The IConstructionReturnMessage contains an instance of ObjRef, which packages information about the remote object. 远程处理基础结构将ObjRef实例转换为向用户代码返回的远程对象的代理。The remoting infrastructure converts the ObjRef instance into a proxy to the remote object, which is returned to the user code.


ActivationType ActivationType ActivationType ActivationType

获取要激活的远程对象的类型。Gets the type of the remote object to activate.

ActivationTypeName ActivationTypeName ActivationTypeName ActivationTypeName

获取要激活的远程类型的完整类型名称。Gets the full type name of the remote type to activate.

Activator Activator Activator Activator

获取或设置激活远程对象的激活器。Gets or sets the activator that activates the remote object.

ArgCount ArgCount ArgCount ArgCount

获取传递给该方法的参数的数目。Gets the number of arguments passed to the method.

(Inherited from IMethodMessage)
Args Args Args Args

获取传递给该方法的参数数组。Gets an array of arguments passed to the method.

(Inherited from IMethodMessage)
CallSiteActivationAttributes CallSiteActivationAttributes CallSiteActivationAttributes CallSiteActivationAttributes

获取调用站点激活特性。Gets the call site activation attributes.

ContextProperties ContextProperties ContextProperties ContextProperties

获取上下文属性的列表,这些属性定义要在其中创建对象的上下文。Gets a list of context properties that define the context in which the object is to be created.

HasVarArgs HasVarArgs HasVarArgs HasVarArgs

获取一个值,该值指示消息是否具有变量参数。Gets a value indicating whether the message has variable arguments.

(Inherited from IMethodMessage)
InArgCount InArgCount InArgCount InArgCount

获取调用中未标记为 out 参数的参数数目。Gets the number of arguments in the call that are not marked as out parameters.

(Inherited from IMethodCallMessage)
InArgs InArgs InArgs InArgs

获取未标记为 out 参数的参数数组。Gets an array of arguments that are not marked as out parameters.

(Inherited from IMethodCallMessage)
LogicalCallContext LogicalCallContext LogicalCallContext LogicalCallContext

获取当前方法调用的 LogicalCallContextGets the LogicalCallContext for the current method call.

(Inherited from IMethodMessage)
MethodBase MethodBase MethodBase MethodBase

获取被调用方法的 MethodBaseGets the MethodBase of the called method.

(Inherited from IMethodMessage)
MethodName MethodName MethodName MethodName

获取被调用方法的名称。Gets the name of the invoked method.

(Inherited from IMethodMessage)
MethodSignature MethodSignature MethodSignature MethodSignature

获取包含方法签名的对象。Gets an object containing the method signature.

(Inherited from IMethodMessage)
Properties Properties Properties Properties

获取表示消息属性集合的 IDictionaryGets an IDictionary that represents a collection of the message's properties.

(Inherited from IMessage)
TypeName TypeName TypeName TypeName

获取要将该调用发送到的特定对象的完整 Type 名称。Gets the full Type name of the specific object that the call is destined for.

(Inherited from IMethodMessage)
Uri Uri Uri Uri

获取要将该调用发送到的特定对象的 URI。Gets the URI of the specific object that the call is destined for.

(Inherited from IMethodMessage)


GetArg(Int32) GetArg(Int32) GetArg(Int32) GetArg(Int32)

获取作为 Object 的特定参数。Gets a specific argument as an Object.

(Inherited from IMethodMessage)
GetArgName(Int32) GetArgName(Int32) GetArgName(Int32) GetArgName(Int32)

获取传递给该方法的参数的名称。Gets the name of the argument passed to the method.

(Inherited from IMethodMessage)
GetInArg(Int32) GetInArg(Int32) GetInArg(Int32) GetInArg(Int32)

返回未标记为 out 参数的指定参数。Returns the specified argument that is not marked as an out parameter.

(Inherited from IMethodCallMessage)
GetInArgName(Int32) GetInArgName(Int32) GetInArgName(Int32) GetInArgName(Int32)

返回未标记为 out 参数的指定参数的名称。Returns the name of the specified argument that is not marked as an out parameter.

(Inherited from IMethodCallMessage)