IContributeServerContextSink IContributeServerContextSink IContributeServerContextSink IContributeServerContextSink Interface


在远程处理调用的服务器端上的上下文边界上分配侦听接收器。Contributes an interception sink at the context boundary on the server end of a remoting call.

此 API 支持产品基础结构,不能在代码中直接使用。

public interface class IContributeServerContextSink
public interface IContributeServerContextSink
type IContributeServerContextSink = interface
Public Interface IContributeServerContextSink


接口由Context类中的上下文属性实现, 该类希望在远程处理调用的服务器端上的上下文边界上分配侦听接收器。 IContributeServerContextSinkThe IContributeServerContextSink interface is implemented by context properties in a Context class that want to contribute an interception sink at the context boundary on the server end of a remoting call.

服务器上下文链由实现IContributeServerContextSink的服务器上下文中的这些属性和通过GetServerContextSink使用方法调用来提供接收器的属性组成。The server context chain is composed from those properties in the server context that implement IContributeServerContextSink and which contribute a sink by using the GetServerContextSink method call.

序列化就是这样一个上下文属性的示例。Serialization is an example of such a context property. 在这种情况下, 消息接收器会在进一步处理调用之前使用同步基元锁。In this case, the message sink would involve taking a synchronization primitive lock before processing a call any further.


GetServerContextSink(IMessageSink) GetServerContextSink(IMessageSink) GetServerContextSink(IMessageSink) GetServerContextSink(IMessageSink)

将第一个接收器放入到目前为止组成的接收器链中,然后将其消息接收器连接到已经形成的链前面。Takes the first sink in the chain of sinks composed so far, and then chains its message sink in front of the chain already formed.