ComponentGuaranteesOptions 枚举


描述可以跨多个版本的组件、类型或类型成员的兼容性保证。Describes the compatibility guarantee of a component, type, or type member that may span multiple versions.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class ComponentGuaranteesOptions
public enum ComponentGuaranteesOptions
public enum ComponentGuaranteesOptions
public enum ComponentGuaranteesOptions
type ComponentGuaranteesOptions = 
Public Enum ComponentGuaranteesOptions


Exchange 1

开发人员保证该类型具有多版本交换兼容性。The developer promises multi-version exchange compatibility for the type. 该类型的使用者可以预期在将来的版本间具有兼容性,并可以在其所有接口中使用该类型。Consumers of the type can expect compatibility across future versions and can use the type in all their interfaces. 并行执行不能解决版本控制问题。Versioning problems cannot be fixed by side-by-side execution.

None 0

开发人员不保证版本间的兼容性。The developer does not guarantee compatibility across versions. 组件、类型或成员的使用者可以预期将来的版本会中断现有客户端。Consumers of the component, type, or member can expect future versions to break the existing client.

SideBySide 4

该组件已经过测试,它能够在将程序集的多个版本加载到同一应用程序域时工作。The component has been tested to work when more than one version of the assembly is loaded into the same application domain. 将来的版本可能会破坏兼容性。Future versions can break compatibility. 但是,当进行此类破坏性更改时,不会修改旧版本,而是旧版本继续与新版本共存。However, when such breaking changes are made, the old version is not modified but continues to exist alongside the new version.

Stable 2

开发人员保证版本间的稳定兼容性。The developer promises stable compatibility across versions. 该类型的使用者可以预期将来的版本不会中断现有客户端。Consumers of the type can expect that future versions will not break the existing client. 但是,如果将来的版本会中断客户端,并且客户端未在其接口中使用该类型,则并行执行可能会解决该问题。However, if they do and if the client has not used the type in its interfaces, side-by-side execution may fix the problem.


ComponentGuaranteesAttribute 类使用 ComponentGuaranteesOptions 枚举来指示可确保跨多个版本的组件或类库的兼容性级别。The ComponentGuaranteesOptions enumeration is used by the ComponentGuaranteesAttribute class to indicate the level of compatibility that is guaranteed for a component or class library that spans multiple versions. Exchange 提供最强的兼容性保证,并遵循稳定的和 SideBySide。Exchange provides the strongest compatibility guarantee, followed by Stable and SideBySide. None 不保证各版本之间的兼容性。None does not promise compatibility across versions.

有关每项保证含义的详细讨论,请参阅 ComponentGuaranteesAttribute 主题。For a detailed discussion of the meaning of each guarantee, see the ComponentGuaranteesAttribute topic.