AceFlags 枚举


指定访问控制项 (ACE) 的继承和审核行为。Specifies the inheritance and auditing behavior of an access control entry (ACE).

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class AceFlags
public enum AceFlags
public enum AceFlags
type AceFlags = 
Public Enum AceFlags


AuditFlags 192

审核所有访问尝试。All access attempts are audited.

ContainerInherit 2

将访问掩码传播到子容器对象。The access mask is propagated to child container objects.

FailedAccess 128

审核失败的访问尝试。Failed access attempts are audited.

InheritanceFlags 15

ORObjectInheritContainerInheritNoPropagateInherit 的逻辑 InheritOnlyA logical OR of ObjectInherit, ContainerInherit, NoPropagateInherit, and InheritOnly.

Inherited 16

从父容器继承而不是为对象显式设置 ACE。An ACE is inherited from a parent container rather than being explicitly set for an object.

InheritOnly 8

仅将访问掩码传播到子对象。The access mask is propagated only to child objects. 这将包括容器子对象和子叶对象。This includes both container and leaf child objects.

None 0

不设置任何 ACE 标志。No ACE flags are set.

NoPropagateInherit 4

访问检查不适用于该对象;它们仅适用于其子对象。The access checks do not apply to the object; they only apply to its children.

ObjectInherit 1

将访问掩码传播到子叶对象上。The access mask is propagated onto child leaf objects.

SuccessfulAccess 64

审核成功的访问尝试。Successful access attempts are audited.