SignatureVerificationResult 枚举


指定签名验证的大部分结果代码。Specifies most of the result codes for signature verification.

public enum class SignatureVerificationResult
public enum SignatureVerificationResult
type SignatureVerificationResult = 
Public Enum SignatureVerificationResult


AssemblyIdentityMismatch 1

在清单的 /asm:assembly/asm:assemblyIdentity 节点中指定的程序集的标识与 /asm:assembly/ds:signature/ds:KeyInfo/msrel:RelData/r:license/r:grant/as:ManifestInformation/as:assemblyIdentity 节点的 Authenticode 签名中的程序集的标识不匹配。The identity of the assembly specified in the /asm:assembly/asm:assemblyIdentity node of the manifest does not match the identity of the assembly in the Authenticode signature in the /asm:assembly/ds:signature/ds:KeyInfo/msrel:RelData/r:license/r:grant/as:ManifestInformation/as:assemblyIdentity node.

BadDigest -2146869232

未验证对象的数字签名。The digital signature of the object did not verify.

BadSignatureFormat -2146762749

签名格式无效。The signature format is invalid.

BasicConstraintsNotObserved -2146869223

未观察到证书的基本约束扩展。The basic constraint extension of a certificate has not been observed.

CertificateExpired -2146762495

证书已过期。The certificate has expired.

CertificateExplicitlyDistrusted -2146762479

证书已被显式标记为不受用户信任。The certificate was explicitly marked as not trusted by the user.

CertificateMalformed -2146762488

找不到证书,或某个重要字段(例如使用者或颁发者姓名)的值为空。The certificate is missing or has an empty value for an important field, such as a subject or issuer name.

CertificateNotExplicitlyTrusted -2146762748

证书显式不受信任。The certificate is not trusted explicitly.

CertificateRevoked -2146762484

证书已吊销。The certificate has been revoked.

CertificateUsageNotAllowed -2146762490

证书不可用于签名和验证。The certificate cannot be used for signing and verification.

ContainingSignatureInvalid 2

强名称签名不会在 AuthenticodeSignatureInformation 对象中进行验证。The strong name signature does not verify in the AuthenticodeSignatureInformation object. 因为强名称签名封装 Authenticode 签名,有人会使用他们选择的签名替换 Authenticode 签名。Because the strong name signature wraps the Authenticode signature, someone could replace the Authenticode signature with a signature of their choosing. 为了避免出现这种情况,如果强名称没有验证,则返回此错误代码,因为替换部分强名称签名会使强名称签名无效。To prevent this, this error code is returned if the strong name does not verify because substituting a part of the strong name signature will invalidate it.

CouldNotBuildChain -2146762486

未能生成链。The chain could not be built.

GenericTrustFailure -2146762485

对证书的一般信任失败。There is a general trust failure with the certificate.

InvalidCertificateName -2146762476

证书名称无效。The certificate has an invalid name. 此名称既未包含在允许的列表中,也未被显式排除。The name is either not included in the permitted list or is explicitly excluded.

InvalidCertificatePolicy -2146762477

证书的策略无效。The certificate has an invalid policy.

InvalidCertificateRole -2146762493

证书的角色无效。The certificate has an invalid role.

InvalidCertificateSignature -2146869244

无法验证证书的签名。The signature of the certificate cannot be verified.

InvalidCertificateUsage -2146762480

证书的用法无效。The certificate has an invalid usage.

InvalidCountersignature -2146869245

其中一个副署无效。One of the counter signatures is invalid.

InvalidSignerCertificate -2146869246

消息的签署人的证书无效或找不到。The certificate for the signer of the message is invalid or not found.

InvalidTimePeriodNesting -2146762494

颁发证书过期后颁发一个新证书。A certificate was issued after the issuing certificate has expired.

InvalidTimestamp -2146869243

未能验证时间戳签名或证书,或者格式不正确。The time stamp signature or certificate could not be verified or is malformed.

IssuerChainingError -2146762489

所给证书的父证书没有颁发此子证书。A parent of a given certificate did not issue that child certificate.

MissingSignature -2146762496

缺少签名。The signature is missing.

PathLengthConstraintViolated -2146762492

违反了证书链的路径长度限定。A path length constraint in the certification chain has been violated.

PublicKeyTokenMismatch 3

/asm:assembly/asm:AssemblyIdentity 节点中清单标识的公钥令牌与用于签署清单的密钥的公钥令牌不匹配。The public key token from the manifest identity in the /asm:assembly/asm:AssemblyIdentity node does not match the public key token of the key that is used to sign the manifest.

PublisherMismatch 4

/asm:assembly/asmv2:publisherIdentity 的发布者姓名与签名证书的使用者姓名不匹配,或者相同的 publisherIdentity 节点的颁发者密钥哈希与签名证书的密钥哈希不匹配。The publisher name from /asm:assembly/asmv2:publisherIdentity does not match the subject name of the signing certificate, or the issuer key hash from the same publisherIdentity node does not match the key hash of the signing certificate.

RevocationCheckFailure -2146762482

吊销检查失败。The revocation check failed.

SystemError -2146869247

验证信任关系时,系统层上出现了一个错误。A system-level error occurred while verifying trust.

UnknownCriticalExtension -2146762491

证书包含标记为关键的未知扩展名。A certificate contains an unknown extension that is marked critical.

UnknownTrustProvider -2146762751

证书有未知的信任提供程序。The certificate has an unknown trust provider.

UnknownVerificationAction -2146762750

证书有未知的验证操作。The certificate has an unknown verification action.

UntrustedCertificationAuthority -2146762478

已正确处理证书链,但其中一个 CA 证书未受到策略提供程序的信任。The certification chain processed correctly, but one of the CA certificates is not trusted by the policy provider.

UntrustedRootCertificate -2146762487

根证书不受信任。The root certificate is not trusted.

UntrustedTestRootCertificate -2146762483

测试根证书不受信任。The test root certificate is not trusted.

Valid 0

证书验证结果有效。The certificate verification result is valid.


验证成功后, 将返回有效的结果。A successful verification returns the Valid result.

HRESULT 值通常由非托管的 Microsoft 加密 API (CAPI) 返回;其他值由托管验证设置。HRESULT values are generally returned by the unmanaged Microsoft Cryptographic API (CAPI); the other values are set by managed verification. 此枚举不是所有可能的 HRESULT 值的完整, 可能会发生更改。This enumeration is not comprehensive of all possible HRESULT values and is subject to change.