X509KeyUsageFlags 枚举


定义可以如何使用证书密钥。Defines how the certificate key can be used. 如果未定义此值,则密钥可用于任何目的。If this value is not defined, the key can be used for any purpose.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class X509KeyUsageFlags
public enum X509KeyUsageFlags
type X509KeyUsageFlags = 
Public Enum X509KeyUsageFlags


CrlSign 2

可以使用密钥对证书吊销列表 (CRL) 进行签名。The key can be used to sign a certificate revocation list (CRL).

DataEncipherment 16

密钥可以用于数据加密。The key can be used for data encryption.

DecipherOnly 32768

密钥只能用于解密。The key can be used for decryption only.

DigitalSignature 128

密钥可以用作数字签名。The key can be used as a digital signature.

EncipherOnly 1

密钥只能用于加密。The key can be used for encryption only.

KeyAgreement 8

密钥可以用于确定密钥协议,如使用 Diffie-Hellman 密钥协议算法创建的密钥。The key can be used to determine key agreement, such as a key created using the Diffie-Hellman key agreement algorithm.

KeyCertSign 4

可以使用密钥对证书进行签名。The key can be used to sign certificates.

KeyEncipherment 32

密钥可以用于密钥加密。The key can be used for key encryption.

None 0

无密钥使用参数。No key usage parameters.

NonRepudiation 64

密钥可以用于身份验证。The key can be used for authentication.


此类是默认情况下映射到CryptoConfig文件的常用扩展的实现。This class is an implementation of a commonly used extension that is mapped by default to the CryptoConfig file. 调用类X509Certificate2的属性时,可以直接Extensions使用此类。When the Extensions property of the X509Certificate2 class is invoked, this class can be used directly.