WebBrowserPermissionAttribute.CreatePermission 方法


创建并返回 WebBrowserPermission 类的新实例。Creates and returns a new instance of the WebBrowserPermission class.

 override System::Security::IPermission ^ CreatePermission();
public override System.Security.IPermission CreatePermission ();
override this.CreatePermission : unit -> System.Security.IPermission
Public Overrides Function CreatePermission () As IPermission



与安全声明相对应的 WebBrowserPermissionA WebBrowserPermission corresponding to the security declaration.


CreatePermission 方法由安全系统调用,而不是由应用程序代码调用。The CreatePermission method is called by the security system, not by application code.

描述的安全信息 WebBrowserPermissionAttribute 存储在属性目标的元数据中,后者是应用到的类 WebBrowserPermissionAttributeThe security information described by WebBrowserPermissionAttribute is stored in the metadata of the attribute target, which is the class to which WebBrowserPermissionAttribute is applied. 系统将在运行时访问信息。The system accesses the information at run time. 系统使用返回的 WebBrowserPermission CreatePermission 来将属性目标的安全信息转换为存储在元数据中的可序列化窗体。The system uses the WebBrowserPermission returned by CreatePermission to convert the security information of the attribute target to a serializable form stored in metadata.

XAML 属性用法XAML Attribute Usage

此类的成员通常不在中使用 XAMLXAML ,或不能在中使用 XAMLXAMLMembers of this class are either not typically used in XAMLXAML, or cannot be used in XAMLXAML.